Wind and Solar Resource Assessment

Wind Resource Assessment and Comparison with Solar Energy

Under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme, wind turbines of up to 10 kW in size are eligible to earn a 60c/kWh gross Feed-in Tariff. SunWiz was commissioned by a proactive council to undertake an assessment of the wind resource within the local shire. Drawing upon custom research by an international expert wind consultancy, SunWiz produced a high-resolution (80m) wind map of the local region suitable for community-scale wind turbines and 10 kW private turbines. A financial assessment demonstrated excellent financial returns were possible, but constrained to a small number of areas. In contrast the solar resource was demonstrated to be more widespread and evenly distributed, with comparably fantastic financial outcome. SunWiz recommended development of a community share solar investment scheme, by which renters and low-income earners could profit from a solar power system installed on council facilities. SunWiz also presented findings to the mayor and councillors.