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SunWiz’s services fall into three broad categories:

  1. Market Intelligence
  2. Solar Design & Engineering, and
  3. Analytical Solar Consulting

Our PVsell software helps hundreds of solar businesses to offer their customers accurate savings projections in their proposals. It also helps to ensure customers all over Australia understand the precise benefits solar is likely to have for their specific case.

For solar businesses who don’t require as comprehensive solution as PVsell, we also offer once-off Solar ROI Calculation. This can also be an extremely valuable investment for a business considering solar power as an option because it provides an unbiased, accurate base of what they can expect from solar power. We also offer a Quote Comparison service which is popular among businesses considering their options with solar power.

Our Solar Market Insights service is widely renowned as the most valuable solar intelligence available anywhere. Insights helps many Australian businesses to more accurately interpret the solar market. This can help with strategic planning and may offer many other competitive advantages.

Our ClearView and RETelligence products offer a comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of the STC and LGC markets respectively and are invaluable tools for any business involved in trading these markets.

If you are in the solar industry then we will definitely have a solution to boost your profits in one way or another.

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