Why SunWiz's 2016 Year In Review Is CRUCIAL To Success In 2017 - Just $1500 when you get it today (limited offer...excludes GST)

2016 was a tough year for many solar businesses. Those who did well had strategic intelligence, kept their focus on the market they could tackle and sold a lot of solar!

  1. Batteries grew with many units being sold with PV (especially in residential)
  2. The focus for PV continued to sway towards commercial and away from residential
  3. Utility-scale solar continued in Australia

But the residential market is stagnating. It’s getting harder to sell PV to “mum’s and dads” than ever before. Competition is fierce, profits are thin and customers know that it’s a buyer’s market.

What’s a solar company to do?!

You want more sales and higher profits. But how do you make that happen in a market which is rapidly evolving and getting “fussier” by the month. 

3 things your solar business NEEDS to succeed in 2017:


  1. You need a strategy to win commercial business
  2. You need to impress residential prospects to win them as customers
  3. You need a “battery-strategy” up your sleeve

If you are not 100% on-top of any of these 3 things then you will have a hard time building your business to where you’d like it to be at the end of 2017.

Just imagine…

It’s December 2017 and you look back at the past 12 months. Did your business thrive? Have you used the full potential of your business to match market changes? Did you win an exceptional amount of sales compared to the year before?

The worst thing is to ignore the market…

If you can’t offer people what they want, why would they ever dream of buying from you!? Being intelligent about your approach can really pay off when it comes to winning more sales.

Would you really risk your business by NOT knowing this information?

  • Get to know the top players in PV around Australia
  • Instantly know which companies are doing well in each state
  • Discover system size trends and stay ahead of the game
  • How can YOUR business succeed with a battery product (and is it even worth trying!?)

Go from this:

  • Guessing which areas to target based on how you’re feeling
  • Rushing into the battery market with all guns blazing
  • Spending marketing money with a “scatter-gun” approach looking for sales everywhere
  • Keeping on doing what you’re doing – stick to your residential “guns” and get a few commercial jobs here and there
  • Throwing money out the window by not having a firm business strategy

To this:

  • Instantly knowing which postcodes have the highest solar PV sales potential
  • Formulating a solid battery-strategy from visible market trends
  • Honing your marketing strategy – reducing your cost per lead dramatically
  • Adapt your strategy to suit the market and improve your success rapidly
  • Know your market intimately and find them easily!

The 2016 Year In Review by SunWiz will give you a massive amount of valuable information. This is CRUCIAL strategically priceless information that will (if applied) save you many tens of thousands in the coming months. Not only does this report have the potential to SAVE you money through enhanced campaigning, but you will undoubtedly BOOST SALES after shifting to a more effective strategy in 2017, getting you more sales and more importantly, HIGHER PROFITS.

I know you must be thinking, this information is “too good” for my business or I “don’t need it”. But believe this: every year for the past 6 years, we see OUR clients out-perform their competition by applying intelligent, strategic information.

How much is it worth?

Well if the information in this annual review only gets you 2 extra sales in the next 12 months, how much is THAT worth? How about 10 ADDITIONAL commercial sales and 20 ADDITIONAL residential sales? That is a realistic expectation. And if that’s the case, the information in this 50+ page report is clearly worth over $10,000!

But… Our goal in selling this report is to:

  1. Make it accessible to ALL solar businesses who want to align their strategies with the market and
  2. Offer highly valuable information at a VERY reasonable, small price

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