Which Postcodes Installed Most PV in 2015?

Which Postcodes Installed Most PV in 2015?

We recently published a lot of information about Australian PV’s recent milestones of 1.5 million PV systems, and a solar panel for every Australian man woman and child. The article was so popular that we’re releasing additional information on the Australian PV market in 2015: the top states, top postcodes, top retailers, and largest PV systems for the year.

This article identifies the Top 20 postcodes for installed volume in 2015, and whether they grew or contracted compared to 2014.

SunWiz has analysed Clean Energy Regulator data to identify those that installed the most volume over 2015. Because systems can take up to 12 months to be registered, SunWiz creates a projected installation volume for recent months based off partial data that is progressively improved in accuracy as updates are released each month. Based upon our projections off incomplete data, the chart below illustrates the Top 20 postcodes for installed volume December 2014-November 2015. The colour shows how this volume compares with the previous 12 months, with red being contraction and green depicting growth. Also shown on the dashboard are the locations of each postcode (colour depicting growth or contraction), and the line chart in the bottom right shows the annual installation volume for each postcode.

The preliminary results:

  • Western Australian postcode 6210 (Coondalup) had the greatest volume installed in 2015, with 4.25MW, a 34% increase in volume over the previous year.
  • Queensland postcode 4740 (Mackay) had the second largest volume installed in 2015, with 4MW. However, this was a 33% reduction in volume over the previous year.
  • Western Australian postcode 6065 (Wanaroo) wasn’t far behind, also on 4MW. This was an 18% increase on the previous year.
  • 11 of the Top 20 postcodes were in Queensland, 6 were in WA, 3 were in Victoria, and none were in NSW or SA
  • Most of Queensland’s top ranked spots experienced substantial contraction on their figures for the previous year; by contrast most of WA’s top spots experienced significant growth.