What to Automate in Your Solar Business?

A computer can operate your solar business better than you.

So it turns out computers can do a lot of things faster than you and for me and with less error, as I found out. So avoiding the mistakes that cost you further time and money, all of which frees you up to do better things with your time and money. Now, in your solar business, you’ve got automations that are typical to any business, plus many automations specific to the solar industry. 

Integrating your software avoids double entry or even triple entry.

For example, entering leads into your solar system solar software, your CRM, your bulk mail, your accounting, and your fulfillment management software is going to cut out a chunk of menial work from your day

You want to keep things in sync.

Many software packages incorporate CRM functionality, and we love how you can configure OpenSolar to match your business processes and then use some of the advanced reporting that SunWiz provides to unlock its CRM power. Still, many companies prefer the power of a purpose built CRM, and embedding links between the two platforms into the customer record is going to save plenty of time. Syncing the customer stage means you’ve got a clear reading on your customer wherever you are at that moment. You may also wish to automatically store in your CRM key documents, such as proposals and signed agreements.

Get instantly notified of customer activity.

It’s helpful to know when your prospective customer is looking at your proposal. That’s a great moment to give them a call so you can answer their questions and close the deal while it’s hot. OpenSolar provides instant notification that your customer is viewing your proposal by sending you an email. And because emails can tend to get overlooked, you can instantly notify your salespeople on their computer and phone using an instant messaging notification.

Automated customer engagement increases likelihood of sale.

We recommend you build a series of emails for each of the following scenarios pre-sale, post-sale, post-installation, long-cold and long-old, and your intention here is to increase the chance that you make the sale, keep hold of the sale during the people’s cooling off period, and then ultimately you’re trying to get more ratings, reviews and referrals from your customers. It’s essential that your emails are very engaging and that they provide value to your customer to save you time. SunWiz integrates OpenSolar and almost any CRM with our partner Sunfluence, who has done all of that customer engagement work for you.

And the most important: Automate Customer Fulfillment processes

Though plenty of businesses like to use service made or simply just connect OpenSolar to an external CRM, the key here is to ensure that they too are in sync no matter where you’re making changes. SunWiz  has already built out connections between OpenSolar and Xero, Solarquotes, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Servicem8, Discord, Sunfluence and Campaign Monitor – we’re working towards automating STCs and adding others along the way. We are experts with OpenSolar’s API and its data structure. We’ve also built an OpenSolar zapier connector which means we can connect OpenSolar to practically any platform.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like us to integrate your software ecosystem for you or watch the next video if you’d like guidance on how to do it for yourself. Our experience however, can save you a lot of time.