What It Takes To Succeed In Commercial PV

One of the biggest questions we at SunWiz get asked by solar business owners is this: How can I lift my business to the next level, so I can succeed with commercial solar?

The truth is, most solar businesses have done some commercial solar installations. But the vast majority of solar businesses wish that they could do more with commercial. We all know that residential solar is good business. The trouble is it’s a market segment which is in decline. Commercial is where the growth is and if you’re not focused on ensuring you have a solid commercial strategy then your business will not last long.

So what does it take to succeed in commercial solar?

Is it better sales staff, lower pricing, more professional presentations or maybe a bigger marketing budget?

It’s true: these things will all add some benefit to your business and some of them will probably help your commercial solar sales success. But if we just take a moment to think what really makes the difference between a company which sells many MWs of commercial solar each year and a company who only sells a few hundred kWs, we can get to the bottom of the problem.

There are 2 things which will make the biggest difference to your success with commercial solar:

  1. Being well-informed about the market: This will help to ensure that you aren’t trying to sell ice to eskimos. Knowing what’s happening makes your targeting more efficient and more effective. For example, if you knew that 3 out of 4 car yards in a single town had just bought a 60kW solar system, would you go and target supermarkets, or would you first do everything you possibly could do to sell a 60kW system to that fourth car yard?
  2. Having an intelligent strategic approach: Without this, you’re effectively blind. Companies who work out a strategic (and intelligent) approach to their targeting are the same companies who have vast success in the commercial sector. A solar company without an intelligent strategic approach to tackle commercial cannot expect to get more than a few commercial jobs every year.

When you have these 2 key things for commercial success, your business is thousands of times more likely to secure MORE commercial sales at HIGHER profits per job.

Our Commercial Success Report goes through how ANY solar business can succeed in commercial by giving you the 2 crucial things described above and teaching you how to use them.