What can Melbourne solar businesses do during Stage 4 Lockdown?

In our latest Vodcast, SunWiz’s Warwick Johnston speaks with Leeson Group’s director Peter Leeson on what Melbourne solar businesses can do during stage 4 lockdown.

This covers:

  1. Getting Financials in order and wisely stemming cashflow
  2. Training
  3. Generating Leads and Sales now for later delivery
  4. Finally getting around to things like switching to OpenSolar (with SunWiz’s assistance) and more

Here’s a summary of the discussion:


  • Understand your business, your risk.
  • Get your accounts reconciled,
  • Understand your books,
  • Look at your cashflow for the next six weeks and beyond
  • Defer business finance (leases etc).
  • Cut back on overheads.
  • Grant from Business Victoria


Sales & Lead Gen

  • Cut back marketing budget and put into employees hours on outbound marketing
  • Call existing clients (electricians can call to help them confirm their system is working well) for referrals and reviews



  • Can CEC make CPD available for apprentices
  • Can SolarVic make safety course online
  • Can CEC/ SolarVic petition Australian Government for Jobkeeper consideration on the month/quarter used for comparison basis (due to SolarVic slowdown in 2019)
  • Can the solar industry make CPD relevant content available for free?