Warwick Johnston joins the CEC Board

Dear solar colleagues, 

I’m writing with great news: your voice has been heard by the CEC board. At the most recent CEC AGM, the solar industry voted in record numbers, but managed to secure only one of the five seats up for re-election. Apparently the vote was very close and I narrowly missed out on being voted in. 

Since then, a casual vacancy arose on the CEC board when Douglas Smith resigned from the Mark Group. In these circumstances the remaining Board members decide who should fill the casual vacancy, as per the CEC constitution. Today, in recognition of your voice, I have been appointed a director of the board of the Clean Energy Council.

I wouldn’t be on the board without the record number of solar companies that voted in the CEC AGM – thank you sincerely! I am honoured to represent you and the entire solar sector on the CEC board. I promise to ensure the needs of the solar industry are heard at the board level of the Clean Energy Council, so that it continues to be a strong voice for all renewable energy technologies. I will to continue to represent you on the CEC’s PV Leadership Committee and within my activities at other solar organisations including the APVI, the ASC, and Solar Citizens

Because I am filling a casual vacancy, I will be up for re-election at the next AGM (instead of the usual two-year term). I hope I can count on your support at this time, as we together strive to ensure a vibrant and competitive solar industry can continue to thrive.

Sunniest regards,

Warwick Johnston