Top Volume Solar Retailers 2019

These are some of 2019's Top Volume Solar Retailers

It’s quite a feat for a solar company to install many thousands of solar panels in one year. It demonstrates a certain level of success and credibility, and deserves to be acknowledged.

SunWiz has been tracking every solar power system installed in Australia since 2009. We are the undisputed authority on solar market volumes, and our data is widely quoted by companies, NGOs, and government agencies.

Many companies claim to be the biggest, without offering proof. Which can make it difficult for customers to wade through the competing (and often unjustified) claims.

To provide legitimacy for the companies who installed the largest volume of solar power in 2019, SunWiz has produced badges for companies listed below. 

{We will add more to this page over time, as Top Volume retailers confirm they wish to be listed here}

If you’re a Top Volume solar company in 2019 and would like to obtain your badge and listing, visit this page.

Combined Rooftop Market

This is our all-inclusive broadest category. It covers all systems including residential, sub-100kW commercial, and commercial rooftops up to 5MW in size.