Clenergy is a Top Volume Manufacturer in 2023

Clenergy is the Top Mounting Manufacturer in Australia for 2023

SunWiz is Australia’s primary source of market analytics for the Solar & Storage industry. We’ve been collating market information since 2009 and most of the leading solar businesses subscribe to our analytics.
We collect information from many data partners that together encompass a large portion of the total installations that occur each month. No other market analyst has collated such a dataset. From this we are able to make a confident assessment of which are the top volume brands. We don’t have complete coverage and we’re willing to be proven wrong (in which case we’ll note it here and amend our ranks)

The Australian Solar & Storage industry is world-leading, experienced, and competitive.
Getting to the top of the leaderboard is therefore worth celebrating. It demonstrates a brand has got what it takes to be popular. And if a brand can remain on the leaderboard for multiple years, then that brand can rightfully claim to be the Best Solar Panel in Australia, Best Solar Inverter in Australia, or Best Energy Storage System (Battery) in Australia.

SunWiz has been tracking every solar power system installed in Australia since 2009, including information on which solar equipment was used. We are the undisputed authority on solar market volumes, and our data is widely quoted by companies, NGOs, and government agencies.

After thorough analysis of the solar installations that occurred in 2023, SunWiz has found the following to be true

Clenergy is a Top Volume Solar Mounting Manufacturer in Australia for 2024.

Clenergy is the in the #1 Mounting Manufacturer in Australia for 2024.

About Clenergy

Clenergy, a leading Australian renewable energy industry manufacturer, is an enabler for governments, the public sector and enterprises seeking carbon neutrality. Established in Melbourne in 2007, Clenergy began as an inverter manufacturer, even before the solar industry’s explosive growth in 2010. 

As time progressed, the focus shifted towards pioneering solar mounting technology. Having established offices and manufacturing facilities in multiple locations, including China, Japan, Thailand, and Germany, Clenergy recently celebrated its 17th anniversary and has achieved top positions in multiple markets over the years. Its expertise has led to over 27 GW of worldwide installations, enabling an annual generation capacity of 13 billion kWh of green power.

With a global team exceeding 700 employees, Clenergy actively engages in residential, utility and commercial projects, experiencing noticeable growth in each sector respectively.

In 2024, Clenergy inaugurated its newest division, Clenergy ESS, dedicated to advancing residential energy solutions. This marks a significant step towards realising our mission of fostering a sustainable and clean energy-powered future.


To be the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, driving positive change for the environment and communities.


To be a leading technology enabler for governments, the public sector and enterprises seeking carbon neutrality through Research and Development.