Through his business Sunwiz, Warwick has collaborated with me on several projects. He is a good guy and knows his subject well. His analytical and IT skills are excellent and he has demonstrated both strong integrity and a passion for renewables.

Nigel Morris Solar Analytics

Warwick has an impressive knack for understanding complex solar market information and distilling it into actionable information. He has a unique grasp of both highly detailed technical details and overall market strategy.

Stefan Jarnason Solar Analytics

The solar industry is dynamic and Warwick’s solar expertise and knowledge of the solar industry was important to our company in refining our strategic approach. The insights gained in the meetings and reports were highly valuable. They substantiated the several initiatives implemented since then. He is great to deal with, and I look forward to…

Gonzalo Muslera BayWa r.e. Solar Systems

Understanding the solar market is all about understanding data. Warwick is an expert at using data to make the picture clearer. If you are looking for solar clarity, Warwick is your guy.

John Grimes Australian Solar Council

I have known Warwick for many years within the PV Industry. Warwick’s relentless pursuit of excellence in PV engineering, statistical analysis and governance places him as one of the leading PV professionals in Australia.

Peter Bulanyi Si Clean Energy

Warwick is one of the foremost experts on the Australian Solar PV market full stop. My job is to provide media commentary on the Australian renewable energy sector and the Australian energy market more generally and I regularly call upon him to keep me informed on key aspects of the Australian solar market using the…

Tristan Edis Green Energy Markets