Teaching your prospects to love your business

This is the tenth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

If a prospect knows all the benefits of going with your business, they’ll choose you no matter what. If they truly understand the value that you deliver over your competitors then they will undoubtedly be happy to pay more to you – and every extra dollar they pay is an extra dollar in profit! So why not have your prospects automatically educated about solar, so that you don’t have to do all the hard yards? Get them to intimately understand what makes your business stand out so that you have an easy sale on your hands.


How an educated prospect is 10 x better than a newbie

Solar Power Education

It’s pretty clear that if you are speaking with a prospect about solar – and trying to sell them a system – you will be far better off if your prospect is already educated (by a source that they trust) than if you have to do the educating (and they’re not sure whether to trust you). You could go to 10 appointments educating your prospects on why they should choose you for a solar purchase and not get a single sale!

On the flip side, an educated prospect is almost a guaranteed sale.

For this reason, it pays huge dividends to automate your education process as much as possible.

Automating your education saves you time and money

When you automate your prospect education process, you will save tonnes of time (in sales consultations that lead nowhere) and a lot of money (both through not wasting time on tyre-kickers and by larger profits and higher sales volumes delivering revenue to your business).

So how can you automate the education process? And – how do you make sure your prospects are reading the right information (from a reliable source)? SunWiz help with this entire process with their ProfitVoltaics suite of products. Ask us how you can get started with automation today.

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