SunWiz's battery report featured extensively in the press

What an incredible response! SunWiz launched its mid-year update on the Australian battery market and it was picked up by Channel 7, ABC news, News Limited, the AFR, and Fairfax! We hope all this positive press around batteries is helping drive customers to your businesses!!!

In cased you missed the press, some of the key info from the report is:


  1. There were 7000 home energy storage systems installed in the first 6 months  of 2017, which is the same as was installed across the entire year in 2016
  2. Because electricity prices have increased so much, the payback on a solar system with a small battery is as low as 6 years in Adelaide and Brisbane.
  3. Australia remains a key market for battery players globally, owing to its sizeable familiarity with solar power, high electricity tariffs and sizable differential in export & import electricity prices.
  4. Residential: Australia’s battery market is still an overwhelmingly residential market. We expect more utility-scale volume to occur in H2 than commercial installations – for example Tesla has only publicised the installation of one commercial system so far. 
  5. Sizes: The average installed battery is increasing, likely because consumers’ expectations are set by the PowerWall2, and larger batteries offer superior $/kWh. Despite this the economics of small batteries remain superior (not that payback is the key driver for early adopters). Affordability is also a consideration – particularly as consumers are hesitant to lock in $10k+ into a technology in its infancy. 
  6. More new than retrofit: PV retailers are increasingly selling more new PV & storage than they are retrofitting storage to existing PV (which can be a messy process). 

Our full report dives much deeper into some key factors to success in the battery market, For example: Do you also want the following information?

  1. How to have a winning proposition: What key factors made retailers choose their battery manufacturer
  2. How your battery is viewed: How the market sees each battery brand in terms of awareness, quality, value, and levels of service
  3. How are inverter brands viewed, and what inverter features are most important to customers
  4. How to sell more batteries: Key purchasing motivations for customers
  5. What features are essential: The proportion of sales that are AC-coupled, High Voltage, Retrofit, and 3-phase, and the 
  6. Sales channel origins, and sales closure rates


  • Summary of key newsworthy items
  • Analysis of projects completed, and those slated for 2017
  • Wholesale and retail pricing
  • Movements in financial outcome for a range of batteries and locations
  • Forecast for H2-2017 & 2018

The 50 page full H1-2017 Battery Market update is available here. All prices exclude GST

Plus as a special offer you can bundle in the February report to get:

  • Key news items and projects for 2015 & 2016
  • Research on pricing trends and forecasts, plus subsidies available in Australia
  • Research on financial analysis of batteries from key research firms
  • Research on customer purchasing motivations
  • Manufacturer public announcements of volume
  • Research on forecasts for the years ahead
  • Channels: which wholesalers stock what, and which retailers sell whom
  • Top Ranks of battery manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers

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