SunWiz on OpenSolar: Pro Assistance, Custom Proposals, KPI Benchmarking

Maximise what OpenSolar does for your business, with SunWiz’s expert assistance

SunWiz believes OpenSolar is a brilliant software choice for most solar businesses. It encompasses everything a solar business needs,  all in one well-designed tool. And its free! What better value can you ask for?!!!


But are you missing out on OpenSolar's greatest benefit?

OpenSolar is incredibly sophisticated –it can be configured to do almost anything, including revealing how profitable each job truly is. But its greatest benefit is often overlooked. Like many software platforms, users tend dive in, play around, familiarise themselves with the essentials, and then contain themselves to the known. 

Use Open Solar to its fullest potential, and beat your comptition.

You can get some truly impressive, competition-beating benefits, simply by using OpenSolar to its fullest potential (and that’s where SunWiz steps in). We can show you how…. or set it all up for you.

SunWiz is OpenSolar’s Exclusive Advanced Training Partner in Australia

Here’s some of the ways SunWiz’s assistance will reap rewards for your business:

    1. Start heading in the right direction, by configuring your OpenSolar account to match your business needs. Learn more about KickStart
    2. Track your business performance, by benchmarking your company. Learn More about Benchmarking
    3. Support your business daily operation, by addressing any software issues you encounter. We offer both once-off and on-going assistance services. 
    4. Differentiate yourself from the masses, by giving the freedom to create a fully-customised proposal

Software: It’s what you do with it that counts

Kickstart Rapid setup
Fully Customised Proposal
Business Benchmarking


Migrate to OpenSolar???

Is OpenSolar right for you?
We engage with you to answer this very important question. Taking account of your specific circumstances including the software you’re currently using. Factoring in the costs and benefits of moving across to a new software platform, whether you’re migrating from PVsell, SolarPlus, Pylon, MS Excel, or some other software option.

Kickstart – Rapid Setup

You may be just about to kick off with OpenSolar, or perhaps you’ve got started and recognised you need some extra kick to utilise OpenSolar’s full power. Either way, our Kickstart service will see you rapidly moving in the right direction. Concentrate on more important parts of your business than mastering something you’ll only do once (if done right) – have the experts set up OpenSolar for you. Here are some of the most valuable areas to get some professional help in setting up:

The essentials you need to get you off to a flying start. Includes:

  • Creating a new account for you,
  • Entering your business details in all the right places,
  • Adding team members
  • Setting up your default equipment that automatically pre-loads
  • Creating pricing schemes that quickly populate for you to choose from in each project
  • Adding payment options for you to recommend your customer 
  • Uploading your standard Terms and Conditions for you.
  • Enabling customer quote acceptance so your customer can proceed with ease
  • Linking your nearmap account, so you access high-res recent imagery, and
  • Setting up SMTP, so your emails to customers come from you (and don’t automatically go into junk).

What’s the #1 most important thing when winning a sale, at a profit? Your customer proposal. SunWiz has over 5 years of experience in crafting effective and differentiated pitches for solar retailers. We’ll set up your OpenSolar proposal template and case studies to set you apart.

Want a fully customised OpenSolar proposal that goes beyond what OpenSolar does off-the-shelf? We can help you out there too.

Costs of Goods Sold is one of the most powerful features within OpenSolar. It will show you exactly where you’re making (or losing) money. We’ll handle this time-consuming process for you

Make your OpenSolar truly do what you want it to do. You no longer have to reorganise your entire business around a piece of software. OpenSolar can be tailored you’re your business process flow, if you know how. 


  • Customising project actions to your business, so your business workflow is reflected in OpenSolar
  • Setting up your lead capture form and installing it on your website

Have your website contact form automatically enter prospective customer details into OpenSolar. We’ll handle all the technical stuff for you. (Note this is also included in the Pimp My OpenSolar service)

Do it once, do it right. Take the express train so you can focus on what you’re best at.

Pro Training

Apart from setting up your OpenSolar account, your team needs to know how to use it well. We can show you how to get the most out of OpenSolar – some tips and tricks to quickly get from lead to deal to installation.

If you need assistance on a once-off or ongoing basis, that’s available too.

Simply book in a time and day, huddle around a computer, and we will remotely train your team in  real time. Get your questions answered, and to focus on key areas that will unlock your business. We’ll also record the session so you can review it in future (and train any new staff you take on as you grow!)

One of our experts will come visit you at your place of business and sit with your team to provide training on OpenSolar. For best results we recommend recording the session so in future you can refer to it or provide it to a new employee.

Business Benchmarking

Getting a clear picture of how your business is performing can be the difference between winning and losing. Stop operating in the dark, with instant feedback of your internal business metrics. And anonymously compare your business KPIs to the rest of the market.
Finally, you can grasp how to increase your sales, profits, and success!

Best of all, we’ve got a great FREE option, plus Benchmarking includes a consultation to identify your greatest areas of opportunity.

Click here for a sample of what you’ll get in Benchmarking.

Get a clear picture of your business, with our free business performance dashboard. See clearly your monthly KPIs, system price evolution, which salespeople and products are responsible for most of your revenue, and how successful your business is at closing sales and at what profit margin. Includes a 15 minute screen-sharing session in which we explain what you’re seeing and identify the golden nugget opportunities for your business.

Did you know the leading solar companies all employ data analysts? That’s because buried in every business’ data are golden nuggets. SunWiz’s Business Performance Report will reveal those golden nuggets, and show how to improve your business operations to maximise profit.

By focusing on these products at the right margin, and adopting the approach of your best salesperson, your profitability can skyrocket. 

Includes a 30 minute screen-sharing session each quarter in which we explain what you’re seeing and identify the golden nugget opportunities for your business.

Get dashboards that reveal:

  • The staff that deliver greatest revenue and profit to your business. what can your other sales staff learn from them?
  • The products that deliver greatest revenue and profit to your business – what is the best product mix?
  • Which staff and products are currently under-performing – is it time to shift?
  • Which profit margin results in the sales conversion rate that delivers you most dollars to your bottom line

Too many solar businesses operate in the dark, wondering if they’re doing well while their competition is overtaking them. SunWiz’s Business-vs-Market Comparison will identify where you’re leading the market (and where you’re lagging), reduce your input costs, and increase your prices.

By focusing on these products at the right margin, and adopting the approach of your best salesperson, your profitability can skyrocket. 

Includes a 30 minute screen-sharing session each quarter in which we explain what you’re seeing and identify the golden nugget opportunities for your business.

Get dashboards that reveal:

  • Everything in our Business Performance Report, plus compare your business to the rest of the nation:
    • How your success rate compares – are you selling efficiently or are you churning through opportunities?
    • How your profit margin compares – could you be profiting more?
    • How your prices compare – how much can you charge while staying competitive?
    • How your input costs compare – are you paying more than you should?

Pro Assistance – One Off

There are of course occasions where you need a bit of extra care. You may have a proposal with a deadline, but be stuck somewhere and need unblocking. Or you may have a complex bill that has got you stumped. We also can convert interval metering data into OpenSolar format for you. Or do all (or part of) a project.

Our ongoing support packages represent the best value. You may also consider Pro Training.

For personalised assistance on any individual project, we will diagnose what the problem is, and resolve it to the best of our abilities. Note we cannot fix bugs with OpenSolar software, but can often find workarounds that unblock your business.

In an ideal world Interval Metering Data (IMD) would be consistent, uniform, complete, and span a full year. The reality, is the opposite. SunWiz have years of experience in converting IMD into a range of formats, and can do so for your OpenSolar project.

If you just need assistance entering a complex electricity bill into OpenSolar, you’re not on your own. SunWiz has years of experience interpreting and entering the most complex and infuriating electricity bills. Let us take care of things for you, so you can deliver a truly accurate financial assessment that wins you work (rather than scares off the customer).

Pro Assistance – Regular Ongoing

Because your staff will inevitably run into roadblocks, SunWiz provides ongoing Pro Assistance to keep your business moving so you can keep deals coming through the door. Our regular monthly packages represent the best value way to keep your team effective.

(If you need support on a once-off basis, that’s available too. As is Pro Training.)

Fully Customised Proposal

Set yourself apart from your competition by using our services to create a customised proposal template that is branded using your colours and digital assets. We can create multiple templates to suit your various scenarios, for example one template for your residential clients and a separate one for your commercial clients.

Given our solar experience within the industry we know what exactly to include in your proposals to make it a “no-brainer” deal for your client. We provide all the written content, formatting and styling to show your clients, illustrating to them your professionalism.