SunWiz Insights Hot Spots in Renew Economy

SunWiz’s data featured in RenewEconomy

Australia’s solar hotspots

Australia’s solar market grew 61MW in the month of April, maintaining a fairly steady rollout over previous months, with Queensland accounting for nearly half the total. According to data assembled by leading industry analyst Warwick Johnston of SunWiz Consulting, the 61MW reflects the amount of PV registered – rather than installed in Australia in April – but even though there is a lag in registrations, it is a fair reflection of the market.

Johnston’s data suggests a jump in registration of renewable energy certificates in recent weeks, confirming industry talk that the number of installations will jump ahead of the winding back of the federal government’s solar multiplier from three to two on July 1. Queensland, the only state to retain its feed in tariff, accounted for 40 per cent of installations in April, with Miara and Waterloo on the central Queensland coast near Bundaberg emerging as one of the nation’s solar hotspots, installing 1MW in the last quarter, taking the total for the postcode to 6MW.