SunWiz for You

SunWiz’s customers span the entire supply chain.

We aim to give you the best fit solution for your needs. So regardless of whether you’re in government, the general business sector, or somewhere in the solar industry – we’ve got you covered.

Since our customers’ needs vary pretty dramatically, we thought it best to split our content up to make sure you get what you’re after.

What best describes you?

Business or Government Body Evaluating Solar – If you are considering getting solar for a business premise or you’re a government body looking at ways to reduce costs, we have the experience and skill-set to give you what you’re after.

Solar System Retailer / Installer – We have a large customer base of solar installers and retailers who benefit from our services in a variety of different ways. Learn about our exciting solar industry products and services, designed to enhance your business success!

Solar Equipment Manufacturer / Wholesaler – Solar manufacturers and wholesalers have very different needs to our other customers. We help many of Australia’s leading businesses in this sector to massively improve their success.

REC Aggregator or Trader – Another one of our specialties – our strategic intelligence products can improve your business enormously.

I need something tailored – OK, fair enough. We haven’t covered all bases with our standard suite of products and services. So let us know what you need and if it’s within our scope, we’ll be more than happy to help.