SunWiz for PV Equipment Manufacturers / Wholesalers

How SunWiz helps PV Wholesalers & Manufacturers

If you’re a Manufacturer or Wholesaler of Solar Equipment selling to the Australian PV Industry, then SunWiz can help you to:

  • Find good customers – PV retailers (and wholesalers) with favourable characteristics such as growing volumes, high volumes, lots of commercial PV experience
  • Track your market share – know how much your customers are using other manufacturer’s products
  • Avoid bad debts – track when your customers volume is falling, so you don’t get exposed to a failing PV company
  • Predict your future – know how much stock to order next quarter and what to plan for next year.

Here’s how SunWiz can help you:

  1. Insights: Identify new customers, track your share of individual customers, manage your credit risk by being forewarned when companies contract, and get foreign head offices off your back. Our monthly flagship intelligence product removes the ‘fog of war’ from the PV industry, and includes essential information on panel import volumes.
  2. Forecast: Set realistic targets for future years, manage your forward orders. 
  3. Advertising: SunWiz has excellent reach to PV retailers through its commercial database website.
  4. PVsell: creates a compelling sales pitch for commercial PV that quickly and accurately calculates the ROI on an investment in solar. It incorporates many load profiles from real companies and households, which allows you to quickly size your system to get a low-risk high-return for your client. Used by hundreds of installers, retailers and some of the biggest PV companies in Australia.

Here are some of the equipment manufacturers and wholesalers which SunWiz helps: