SunWiz Customer Stories - Project Renewable

This testimonial is from Project Renewable – a SunBiz Accelerate client. For more information on individual services mentioned below, click here.

Hi! James here from Project Renewable. A couple of months ago, I was looking for a Xero integration for OpenSolar; I was sent in the direction of SunWiz. Initially, I was looking to integrate my invoicing through OpenSolar to Xero, but after briefly reading through other products offered by SunWiz, I was intrigued at what else they could offer.

I booked a zoom call with SunWiz to talk me through their Xero integration, but by the end of the conversation I wanted so much more. In less than 24 hours, I dived and decided to see all of what SunWiz could do for my business.

Since then, I’ve regretted nothing!

Not only does SunWiz offer a range of integration products that remove hours of worthless admin out of the process, but they also offer a range of business information products and personalised reporting.

Their SunBiz Advisor allows me to dive deep into market analyses, indexing my products and systems against the industry. In turn, this has allowed me to choose better understand what products my customers want therefore leading to higher conversion rates.

Further to the Sunbiz Advisor account, it has also helped me gain insight into my pricing strategies and adapt them to be more in-tune with industry averages, rather than charging too high or low for any given system. Margin-based pricing has allowed me to stay on top of industry prices and rapidly send out quotes to customers.

SunWiz has also integrated my CRM, OpenSolar, Xero, Discord and Emails. Lead emails come in and are pushed to OpenSolar; from OpenSolar, they are pushed to my CRM. This removes hours of admin and also creates a consistent workflow through my projects.

When a client opens a proposal, I get an instant Discord notification. This is great as I can phone the customer straight away, allowing me to answer any questions and giving me more control of the sale.

Finally, their sales mentorship in partnership with Dean Mannix is fantastic. I’ve only just started it, but implementing the strategies spoken about has had enormous effects on conversion and margin.

In conclusion, SunWiz products are a must-have for any solar company looking to expand. We now work in an industry where we need to work smart and react fast. Salespeople doing repetitive admin jobs is a massive waste of assets. Bringing SunWiz to integrate systems removes a lot of this admin work, allowing salespeople and businesses to do what they were made for!

– James Thompson, Project Renewable

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