Award Winning BIPV

SunWiz – Winner of Two Awards for Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Projects

SunWiz has had involvement in all sorts of innovative BIPV projects. From solar BBQ pergolas to solar fuel cell enclosures, solar eaves, solar freeway noisewalls, and solar building façades  – SunWiz has designed and delivered more innovative BIPV projects than any other Australian solar designer. He’s even presented at the National Solar Conference (ATRAA) on “BIPV: Lessons Learned”.

BIPV’s challenges require involvement of a specialist BIPV designer in an integrated design cycle with architects, builders, glaziers, and electricians. Intelligent design is required in order to maximise yield under the inevitable conditions of nearby shade.

See some of Warwick Johnston’s designs:

BIPV Solar Noisewall
BIPV Solar Freeway Noisewall





Read some Lessons Learned about BIPV

Warwick Johnston_BIPV Lessons Learned