Australian PV Market Insights

Australian PV Market Intelligence

Actionable Analytics about the Australian PV Industry.

Leading Solar Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers use Insights to:

  1. Benchmark your success, by comparing your volumes to the market’s
  2. Grow by rapidly identifying the best solar retailers to approach or emulate
  3. Stay Ahead of the competition, by identifying and acting upon trends the moment they emerge
  4. Execute well-informed strategies, by maintaining a solid business case with reasonable expectations
  5. Maximise profit by knowing when solar retailers are growing and contracting

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Massive Advantage for Insights Subscribers

Since 2009, over 200 Solar Companies have subscribed to Insights, including leading businesses like these:


Think how your importing / distribution business will grow with access to a list of the volume (MW/year) of every solar business.

Our best distributer / manufacturer subscribers identify and track their share of the leading retailer’s installations, which then helps them win more business.

Put simply, if you don’t have Insights, your competition has a massive advantage that you’re missing out on.

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Which Insights level is right for me?

Most solar retailers opt for a standard subscription, which provides YTD volumes of the top 20 companies nationally and the top 10 in each state.

Most solar equipment manufacturers opt for a premium subscription, which gives monthly volume of the top 50 nationally and top 20 in each state.

Most solar wholesalers opt for a customID subscription, as this covers every company they should do business with

It’s also possible to get ‘Insights essentials’ for free

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Subscription or a one-off report?

Subscriptions provide the greatest value for money. One-off reports are priced at almost the same level as our 6-month subscriptions, because they contain a tonne of valuable historical information.

Our Annual Solar Market Review is our most popular market summary that can be purchased as a one-off report.

We are also able to provide custom analyses – e.g. identify the top retailers in a particular market segment. Get in touch if you’ve got a specific request.

You can now book a call with SunWiz to find out which product is right with you! Click below to book a call with an expert and find out what we can offer to boost your Solar Business!

What’s inside:


Executive Summary Document:

STC Market Capacity (Monthly and Year-to-Date), system size distribution & average, volume by state, size distribution by state, commercial volume by state and size range, Year-to-Date top 10 players nationally and top 5 commercial (STC), Past three months: Top 10 nationally & top 5 in each major state & top 10 in each system size range

Main Document

Summary Dashboard, Trends in Precis, highlights of the month’s news, monthly volume nationally & Year to Date & historical context), system size detailed distribution & average, state volume monthly & historical context, all key statistics by state, LGC Accredited Project volume, LGC Individual Projects, STC & LGC combined tally, SolarChoice Pricing analysis, Panel Import Volume

Rotating Feature: Quarterly Wrap, Commercial & Large-Scale Market, Feature Company

Special Feature

Data Tables

Total volume annually by size range (STC & LGC), STC Total capacity by year and month Nationally & by State, Average System Size by month and state, distribution of system size for current year, Market Share of top 20 companies nationally & top 10 in each state for current year, quarterly ranking of top 20 companies, #systems & volume by system size by month & year


Everything in Standard, plus

Data Tables

Monthly kW & # systems for the top 50 retailers nationally and top 20 in each state, for the past 12 months

Distribution of system size for the top 50 retailers nationally in the past 12 months

Identification of which of the top 50 retailers nationally are growing and which are contracting


Top Growth Companies

Top (Bottom) Contraction Companies


Everything in Standard and Premium, plus

Data Tables

Monthly kW & # systems for every company that self-registers STCs, for the past 12 months, by state

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We recently engaged Sunwiz to provide industry insights and sales training through a statistics and data driven approach. The purpose of the training was to educate our salesteam in order to identify areas of the market that we should be targeting to maximize profitability on sales and conversion rates on leads. The data will help inform our future sales strategy which we expect will better align our market position with our brand values. I would highly recommend Warwick and Sunwiz for organisations looking to use a data driven approach to maximising value in their sales team.
Jack Hooper
Gem Energy

Get Insights Essentials for FREE

SunWiz’s Insider is a free monthly distribution that contains:

  1. The monthly capacity of PV systems installed nationally and by state, for the recent 12 months
  2. The average system size of STC system installed nationally and by state, for the recent 12 months
  3. The annual tally of STC and LGC systems for each year back to 2008, by size range
  4. The volume registered by each of the top 20 companies nationally and in each state over the recent 3 months. Note the top 20 are not identified, for that you’ll need a paid Insights subscription
  5. The average system pricing for a range of panel brands
  6. The Solar Farms that have become operational this year

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