Sungain Solar is a Top Volume Solar Retailer for 2022

It’s quite a feat for a solar company to install many thousands of solar panels in one year. It demonstrates a high level of success and credibility, and deserves to be acknowledged.

SunWiz has been tracking every solar power system installed in Australia since 2009, including information on which solar company did each installation. We are the undisputed authority on solar market volumes, and our data is widely quoted by companies, NGOs, and government agencies.

After thorough analysis of the solar installations that occurred in 2022, SunWiz has found the following to be true:

  • Sungain Solar is in the Top 20 Companies in Western Australia for capacity of solar power systems installed in 2022.

About Sungain Solar

We started in the solar industry in 2012. Solar has moved mountains since the first products became popular on rooftops in Australia. The continual advances in technology keeps us on our toes. It has always been our goal to translate our experience through to our customers and assure the quality of products we select to deal with.

We have been successful in building strong relationships with Australia’s largest solar panel distributors, which gives us the competitive edge with low price points for our customers. We pride ourselves on offering some of the longest and most encompassing product and installation warranties available to customers. Most importantly, warranties that you don’t have to jump through flaming hoops to claim under.

From start to finish, every time you deal with us you will be speaking to a local. Sungain Solar is a locally owned and operated business, with all service, sales and support staff operating in Australia. Our two offices sit in the heart of the commercial district in Gold Coast QLD and Osborne Park, Perth WA.

The Perth Office primarily focuses on customers all over Western Australia, and the Gold Coast office heads our national logistics network which can facilitate installations in every major city and regional area of Australia.