Sunfluence - A SunWiz Partner

Sunfluence is a sister company of SunWiz, co-founded by SunWiz CEO Warwick Johnston.

Solar Business Automation

What is Sunfluence?

Sunfluence is an all new company providing Automated Support Services to Solar Businesses,  with services designed to help grow and scales solar businesses. Sunfluence is a sister company of SunWiz, and is co-founded by Warwick Johnston.

Sunfluence helps solar companies compete with businesses 10 times their size to nurture, retain and win more customers, for a fraction of the cost of them employing staff to do the job! Sunfluence does so with outstanding sales, marketing and business management tools that are currently only available to a select few companies.

Services on Sunfluence are designed to help you get more sales, higher profits, great reviews and more referrals. Click below to find out more about:

Convert more customers at a higher price, retain those customers, and get ratings reviews and referrals… all on autopilot!

Stop window shoppers bouncing from your homepage, grab their details & warm them up to buy with this sophisticated toolkit.

Get strategic to grow & scale. Engage us to improve your solar businesses sales, marketing, management, customer engagement, systems & processes.

Why Sunfluence?

Your Freedom Back

Industry’s Best Expertise

Scale Your Business Fast

We do it for you – we implement and manage everything, so you can use your time more valuably

Access the industry’s best expertise, from solar industry veterans

Use our platform to scale your business fast, without scaling your costs

Use Your Time More Valuably

30 day money back guarantee

More Profit

We do it for you – we implement and manage everything, so you can use your time more valuably

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our products.

Net result = more profit

Sunfluence is currently working with a select number of leading solar companies. If you’d like to become one of them, register your interest.

Co-founded by:

CEO of SunWiz
Russell French from Enphase
Donovan Craig from SnapFrozen

Warwick Johnston

CEO – SunWiz and founder of PVSell

Russell French

Founder – Energetic Consulting, ex-director to Enphase Energy & Sungrow.


Donovan Craig

Snapfrozen (Developers behind PVSell & SolarPlus)

Sunfluence is the love-child of solar industry veterans Warwick Johnston, Russell French, and Donovan Craig, with a combined 38+ years experience in the solar industry.