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SunBiz Advisor - Your Solar Business Aide

Hi, I’m Warwick Johnston, and I’m the founder of SunWiz.

My mission is to grow the solar industry and I’m passionate about helping solar companies like yours succeed. 

I created SunBiz Advisor so I could up-scale my impact: grow the industry by improving the operations and profitability of solar retailers.

Let’s see how it can assist your business.

SunBiz Advisor is only available to users of the OpenSolar Software Platform

For your business, SunBiz Advisor will answer:

How Much Can I Charge?

  • Instead of price-matching, could I increase my prices?
  • How much more could I charge, without affecting sales?
  • What is the price to charge that maximises my bottom-line profit?

How Do I Compare to the Best, and How Can I Do Better?

  • How well am I converting prospects into sales? 
  • How does my conversion rate compare to the industry?
  • Which salesperson, product, postcode, and segment is delivering best results?

  • Is my business moving in the right direction?
  • How can I maximise my profitability?

How’s My Business Tracking This Week?

  • What’s my sales funnel look like? 
  • How’d my sales go last week?
  • What’s my Work In Progress?

Enabling SunBizAdvisor is Simple

Its currently also free for the first 50 signups!

Regular Reporting with Personalised Guidance

To deliver on our mission, every SunBiz Advisor service includes personalised analysis from your SunWiz aide.

We’ll dive into your OpenSolar data, analyse the opportunities, and send you a report full of charts that will help your business.

You don’t need to have a PhD in data – we will summarise the highlights in an email, and give you a private consultation each quarter explaining what your charts reveal. 

Plus you’ll also get a weekly dashboard tracking your sales KPIs, salespeople performance, sales pipeline, and work-in-progress heat map.

We'll Deliver Results for Your Business

Here are some of the insights we’ve delivered to SunBiz Advisor clients:

  • “We created a new dashboard for you. It’s showing your conversion rate for SMA & Trina has almost doubled, making it an outstanding product.”
  • “You’re converting leads into sales at the same success rate for jobs with 39% profit margin as jobs with a 33% profit margin. Consider raising your margin!”
  • “Recently, your residential conversion rate has fallen significantly below its historical average – what can you do to turn this around?”
  • “Sungrow-Trina may be your hidden gem – you’re getting an outstanding conversion rate. You’re doing low volume for the time-being, should you switch your attention to it?”
  • “You’re proposing almost as much Sungrow-Longi as Enphase-Longi, but winning much more jobs with Enphase. Where should you focus your efforts?”
  • “Salesperson #1’s profit margin over the past 90 days is larger than historical average, and is leading the company. However Salesperson #2’s profit margin over the past 90 days is lower than historical average – as he’s your top volume salesperson this could be of concern.”

Here’s some examples of results we’ve achieved:

Watch SunBiz Advisor in Action

See How A Real (anonymous) Solar Company Transformed its Profitability

How Much?

Right now, SunBiz Advisor is FREE. That’s simply because:

  • We need a critical mass of initial clients to demonstrate the value of the service, and to learn how different businesses are using OpenSolar
  • We are in a discovery process, and the benefits we can deliver are being revealed as we work with more clients
  • There’s a pandemic happening, and solar businesses need assistance.
  • Our mission is to grow the solar industry by providing tools and services that help solar businesses succeed. This product does that like nothing else we’ve ever seen – that’s why we’re so invested in its success.

There are no hidden charges, no gotcha’s:

  • Our service offerings will evolve over time, and:
    • In time, we will introduce a price for our highest-value services
    • We’ll continue to offer a high-value free product

Enabling SunBizAdvisor is Simple

Its currently also free for the first 50 signups!

Is my OpenSolar Data Safe?

Let me address a primary concern for many businesses: your data is 100% safe with us, and we’re 100% trusted by solar industry leaders.

  • Let me be explicit: we will not on-sell your customer details as leads
  • In fact, we will never disclose any personal information, customer details, or identify your business to anyone else.
  • When we do compare business across the market, we do so without identifying anyone, at an aggregate level. You can verify this by downloading our sample report
  • You can terminate SunWiz’s access to your OpenSolar account, and your data is wiped from our secure server
  • Its all covered in full glorious detail in our Privacy Policy
  1. SunWiz has been entrusted by over 1400 leading solar retailers with details of over 60,000 customers, as the developer of PVsell.
  2. SunWiz is the only company trusted by leading battery manufacturers with confidential sales figures for our exclusive Battery Market Report, and we regularly handle confidential business data for a wide range of leading solar companies.
  3. I personally have been elected or appointed to many positions of leadership, including the board of the Clean Energy Council and an industry representative to Solar Victoria.
  4. SunWiz has been vetted by OpenSolar and earned a status of Expert Partner and Exclusive Training Provider.
  5. Personally, Warwick Johnston has received recommendations on his linkedIn profile from numerous solar industry leaders including Nigel Morris, John Grimes, Mark Twidell, Geoff Bragg, Tristan Edis, Stefan Jarnasan and more.

What's It Look Like?

Enabling SunBizAdvisor is Simple

Its currently also free for the first 50 signups!