SunBiz Advisor

SunBiz Advisor

Personalised Guidance for Solar Businesses on OpenSolar!

No matter the size of your Solar Business, SunBiz Advisor can help it grow!

Since 2009, SunWiz has helped 1200+ Solar Businesses prosper by providing market leading data analytics and through PVSell. With SunBiz Advisor, we bring the power of advanced data analytics to Solar Businesses of all sizes. We’ll dive into your OpenSolar data, analyse the opportunities, and send you a report full of charts that will help your business grow bigger!

SunBiz Advisor is currently available to the users of the OpenSolar platform exclusively.


With the enormous user base of OpenSolar and the rapid uptake of SunBiz Advisor, we are able to answer questions that are crucial to any Solar Business:

  • How do I stand up against my competition?
  • What price can I charge to maximise my profits?
  • Which product combinations sell best in my area?
  • What postcode should I sell in?
  • How did my business perform last week?
  • And much more!

We'll Deliver Results for Your Business

Here are some of the insights we’ve delivered to SunBiz Advisor clients:

  • “We created a new dashboard for you. It’s showing your conversion rate for SMA & Trina has almost doubled, making it an outstanding product.”
  • “You’re converting leads into sales at the same success rate for jobs with 39% profit margin as jobs with a 33% profit margin. Consider raising your margin!”
  • “Recently, your residential conversion rate has fallen significantly below its historical average – what can you do to turn this around?”
  • “Sungrow-Trina may be your hidden gem – you’re getting an outstanding conversion rate. You’re doing low volume for the time-being, should you switch your attention to it?”
  • “You’re proposing almost as much Sungrow-Longi as Enphase-Longi, but winning much more jobs with Enphase. Where should you focus your efforts?”
  • “Salesperson #1’s profit margin over the past 90 days is larger than historical average, and is leading the company. However Salesperson #2’s profit margin over the past 90 days is lower than historical average – as he’s your top volume salesperson this could be of concern.”

Here’s some examples of results we’ve achieved:





You can now get insights into your solar business even on our free plan! 
SunBiz Advisor provides crucial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to your business upto a weekly frequency. The KPIs take a deep dive into the performance of the business, it’s financials and  it’s staff members!

Find out what product combinations maximise your conversion rates, revenue and profit!
With SunWiz’s experience in the solar industry combined with your OpenSolar data, SunBiz Advisor can point you in the direction of max profits. It can show you what product combinations have been selling better than the rest, and which ones reap most profit!

SunBiz Advisor can identify your high performance locations for you!
Using a large pool of data SunBiz Advisor is able to highlight your high performance locations in the form of postcodes where you have been most successful. It also provides a range of charts that can help strategize sales!




Get access to pertinent project details based on your choice of parameters! 
Sunbiz Advisor features a CRM View Dashboard, which gives insights to your business’ performance how you want it. You can apply multiple filters including team members, system specifics and more to extrapolate metrics you can assess your performance with 

SunBiz Advisor can assess and inform strategy for your sales staff!
SunBiz Advisor can assess the sales performance of your business by staff member: showing revenue, profit and profit margin! The report also shows expected profit, along with segments and locations to target.

SunBiz Enlighten is a paid report available to SunBiz Advisor users for free!
SunBiz Enlighten provides invaluable insights into the market, with data on relationships of factors like business size, profit margins, conversion rates, competitor analysis and more!


SunBiz Advisor
  • Business Analytics
  • Benchmark (AU)
  • Market Analytics (AU)
  • Expert Coaching (AU)

All prices excluding GST.    

You can now book a call with SunWiz to find out which product is right with you! Click below to book a call with an expert and find out what we can offer to boost your Solar Business!

Is my OpenSolar Data Safe?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us at SunWiz. We have respected and protected user privacy since we started, and we guarantee that your data is a 100% safe with us and we are trusted by industry leaders across the board.

your data is safe with SunWiz SunBiz Advisor
  • We will not sell your customer details as leads
  • In fact, we will never disclose any personal information, customer details, or identify your business to anyone else.
  • When we do compare business across the market, we do so without identifying anyone, at an aggregate level. You can verify this by downloading our sample report
  • You can terminate SunWiz’s access to your OpenSolar account, and your data is wiped from our secure server
  • Its all covered in full glorious detail in our Privacy Policy
  1. SunWiz has been entrusted by over 1400 leading solar retailers with details of over 60,000 customers, as the developer of PVsell.
  2. SunWiz is the only company trusted by leading battery manufacturers with confidential sales figures for our exclusive Battery Market Report, and we regularly handle confidential business data for a wide range of leading solar companies.
  3. Warwick Johnston has personally been elected or appointed to many positions of leadership, including the board of the Clean Energy Council and an industry representative to Solar Victoria.
  4. SunWiz has been vetted by OpenSolar and earned a status of Expert Partner and Exclusive Training Provider.
  5. Personally, Warwick Johnston has received recommendations on his LinkedIn profile from numerous solar industry leaders including Nigel Morris, John Grimes, Mark Twidell, Geoff Bragg, Tristan Edis, Stefan Jarnasan and more.