Summary of 2011 Activity

Summary of 2011 Public Activity

      SunWiz has collated the past year’s reports that we’ve authored (or been involved in) into one location. Read on for our conference presentations, articles in Climate Spectator, SolarAustralia, SolarProgress, EcoGeneration, and Renewable Energy world.

Highlights of 2011 for SunWiz

Being honoured with AuSES’ 2011 Industry Contribution Award for Support Advocacy and Leadership (shared with Nigel Morris)

SunWiz-designed Metricon stadium winning awards at ATRAA, EcoGen, and NECA

Presenting at the NSW Solar and Renewable Energy Summit II (link to speech and presentation)

Being involved in setting the STP target for ORER (with Green Energy Trading)

(Read on for presentations, documents, and articles)

award winning solar conference presenter


Conference Presentations (many of which are also on SunWiz’s  website)

Clean Energy Week / ATRAA 2011: Solar Economics and Metricon Stadium

EcoGen 2011: Metricon Stadium

All Energy 2011 AuSES Sideshow: New Market New Opportunity

AuSES National Conference: Big Sun – Big Challenges

all new energy market

Climate Spectator (with Giles Parkinson)

6/5/11 Multiplying Solar’s Problems

16/5/11 Robbing Solar to Pay Power Retailers

17/5/11 A solar Policy of ill repute

13/7/11 Australian Solar’s Race to the Edge

14/12/11 It’s time for a smarter grid

16/12/11 2011: A solar FairyTale


Solar Australia Magazine

27/4/11: How performance-based PV RECs could transform the solar industry

1/8/11: Changing Solar Economics

1/1/11: Solar’s new power:  PV in 2010 and beyond (with APVA)

30/11/11: Getting PV Forecasts Right (with Nigel Morris)

1/11/11: Insights from Pioneers of Large Solar (with contributors)

(many of which are also on SunWiz’s  website, with images)

Solar Progress

1/7/11: Building Integrated PVs


Renewable Energy World

28/1/11: Australian Flood Waters Cause Trickle of Solar Funding to Dry Up

12/2/11: 2011: Which of these Risks is the Australian PV Industry Unprepared for?

28/3/11: Will Australian Solar’s Exponential Expansion Collapse into a White Dwarf?

29/3/11: Australian Solar Industry Installs More Small PV than Germany in 2010

12/7/11: Australian Solar’s Gigawatt Valley of Death: Worth Dying For?

23/10/11: Big Solar: Big Deal?

24/10/11: Changing Solar Economics

25/10/11: Integrating Solar PV – Solar on Every Surface

17/11/11: Australia’s 800-MW PV Market: How Long Can it Last?

(many of which are also on SunWiz’s  website, with images)


Australian PV Association

Modelling of Residential and Commercial PV and Electricity Prices The APVA releases 2 more modelling reports on PV and Electricity price for the Residential Sector in Australia[.pdf 837kB] and Commercial Sector in Australia with funding support by the ASI – released 30th November 2011.

Large-Scale Price Modelling in Australia APVA Report Modelling of Large-Scale PV Systems in Australia[.pdf 734kB] is an indepth APVA report on PV costs and electricity prices for large installations with funding support by the ASI – released 28th November 2011.

APVA Submission to IPART Solar FiT reviewAPVA submission to IPART Solar FiT review[.pdf 980kB] recommends for the creation of a distributed energy services market within the NEM and net metering with a 1:1 tariff in the interim, on the basis that this more equitably reflects the market price for PV generated electricity – released 19th September 2011

APVA Response to Productivity Commission Report APVA has significant concerns with assumptions and calculations used by the Australian Productivity Commission report “Carbon Emission Policies in Key Countries” May 2011. APVA response to the report – released 15th June 2011 [.pdf 472kB]


APVA PV Status Report 2010 APVA launches the Australian PV Status Report for 2010[.pdf 741] and accompanyingsummary presentation[.pdf 1.7MB] with significant growth in jobs and installation capacity last year – released 2nd June 2011

APVA Feed-in-Tariff Solution for NSW APVA briefing paper recommends a rational basis for a FiT that is equitable and protects PV industry jobs and household investors in solar energy – 20th May 2011 [.pdf 135kB]


Transitioning to an Unsubsidised PV Market APVA calls on policy certainty and provides a briefing paper on a strategic approach to regulatory arrangements for Retailers and Network Service Providers to ensure the future growth of the Australian PV Industry.Read more[.pdf 541kB]


National Online Seminar – Helping Ensure Safe PV System Installations – Top PV experts share how you can best meet forthcoming standards, prevent house fire, wind damage and related risks, pass government inspections, avoid loss of ability to create RECs and avoid loss of accreditation. Read more and register for recorded version. [.pdf 341kB]


Clean Energy Council

Clean Energy Australia Report 2011