Succeeding In Commercial PV With The 2016 "Climate"

Commercial PV Success Hints For The Year Ahead

Late last year, SunWiz published a widely-read series of blog posts about how to best target the commercial PV market. As 2016 starts to heat up, most solar companies are planning how to turn their business around this year, and commercial success plays a big part in their thoughts. To help inject your thoughts with a winning strategy, here’s a summary of how to succeed in Commercial PV in 2016.

The commercial PV market has been growing over the past year. It’s still growing, but the rate of growth has slowed. This is due to a number of reasons – but the key thing to remember is the areas where growth is occurring NOW are where the major opportunities lie. Taking advantage of so-called hot-spots in commercial PV is what makes an enormous difference between those succeeding in commercial and those who get “drips and drabs” of commercial work as it comes along.

Advice For Commercial PV Success

  • You must generate your own leads
    • Use referrals, efficient direct sales, digital marketing, and your website
  • Get good at getting past the gatekeeper
  • Efficiently deal with tyre-kickers
  • Have a best-practice proposal and website
  • Take the opportunity to unlevel the playing field to your advantage
    • Do so with efficient automated education
  • Target the best segments, locations
  • Any segment you have a natural advantage in is a good market segment to target
  • Segments with a high degree of owner-occupiers – those with immovable equipment are great targets
  • Target Key influencers, and use social evidence

SunWiz’s Commercial Solar Success Report fills the gaps in your strategy. It tells you which are the best locations and business segments to target, how to discover high concentrations of owner-occupiers, how to harness the single biggest resource you’re probably overlooking, and how to stop scaring away customers with misfiring proposals.