Strategic Assistance with Solar Calculations and Answers

Deciding whether to proceed with solar power? Or need some tricky solar calculations or data analysis performed? Or want to ensure your chosen solar installer does a good job? SunWiz is the answer. SunWiz is a trusted provider of independent advice and assistance, and we are the “go-to” consultants in the solar industry for all solar calculations.

  • Want to evaluate the Payback, Return on Investment, annual performance, or other financial on a solar power system? We help businesses and councils decide whether to proceed with solar, and advise which is the most profitable system size and location for solar.
  • Need assistance in Tendering out a Solar Installation? We help you through any stage of the tendering process; most importantly in comparing and evaluating the tender responses, which are always need expert interpretation and industry background-knowledge. Contact us for more info.
  • Need assistance deciding between the solar quotes you’ve received? Its near-impossible for a layperson to interpret and fairly compare quotes – make a good decision: get some SunWiz advice on the best quote.
  • Need assistance in professionally calculating the ROI for a solar system to your potential customer? We perform the calculations for you, and brand the answers with your logo, providing you with a professional proposal document that won’t land you in hot water. Learn more about SolarROI

Here’s how we can help: