solarROI - request for information

Thank you for your purchase of a solarROI financial evaluation. Please send us the following information

  1. The address of the installation (so that we can appraise roof orientation, roof pitch, and solar energy potential)
  2. The nominated system size and price. If you don’t know the system size and price, we can estimate prices based off industry averages, and select a suitable system size to match your load
  3. An energy bill (all pages). This is so we can understand the make-up of the tariff structure
  4. Information about your electricity consumption profile. If you have metered data, this is the best. Otherwise please tell us your hours of operation, days of operation, and whether any seasonality of consumption occurs.
  5. If you are obtaining finance, the term and interest rate of your lease/loan, along with any deposit and balloon.
  6. Are you GST registered?
  7. Your phone number and email address
  8. Is the system for you or are you preparing an evaluation for a potential customer?

Our turnaround time is one week.