Solar Your Business: How to Choose the Right Supplier - Guidance from Australia's Independent Solar Expert

Interested in putting solar on your business?

That’s probably because you’ve heard that solar is a great business investment. Depending on your electricity price, solar can deliver returns of 14%, 20%, 25%, or even higher. When financed, it can be cashflow positive – imagine using the banks money to make you money! 

But there are a lot of solar companies to choose from. And plenty of cowboys amongst them. Its imperative that you choose wisely.

As an independent expert, I’ve seen horrible outcomes for those who’ve chosen the wrong supplier. In many cases the solar salespeople have made unrealistic statements of payback or overstated performance, and sold a system far too big for your requirements. This resulted in a lot of energy being wasted, making payback far too long.

If you choose the right supplier, you can expect a fantastic outcome, with a fantastic investment return. To help you with your decision making process, we’ve compiled a condensed report that will help you secure a great outcome.

The report goes into this and this and this.

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