Commercial Solar Power Revenue Calculation Service

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The hardest part about selling COMMERCIAL solar power is now solved!

  • Give your customers confidence
  • Get your sales over the line
  • Make promises you can keep
  • Avoid litigation


Commercial solar power customers need evidence that their investment is wise. Installing a solar power system can improve businesses’ environmental image, but most won’t spend $10,000+ unless it’s financially justifiable. Take that thumb out of the air – give them a true calculation of their solar revenue and their return on investment.


SunWiz takes your customer’s electricity bills, synthesises 8700 hours of electricity consumption based on an agreed hourly load profile, and calculates revenue for each hour of the year, based on local solar radiation data. This answers the questions:

  • How much energy will be exported?
  • What will the revenue be?
  • What will the payback be?
  • What will the return on investment?
  • What if a larger system is installed?
  • What is the best orientation and inclination for maximum revenue?

Let this customised service win your customers over. Prices start from $250 excl GST; half this for NSW and ACT installations. See a sample report below:

Sun Wiz Sample FiT Export Revenue Calculation Report


SunWiz also provides a standard service: independent assessment of likely export on residential buildings. Prices start from $50 excl GST. Alternatively you may wish to purchase the SunWiz PV Sales Tool.


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  • Expert Analysis
  • Independent Expertise
  • 5 years consulting and installing experience
  • Masters Degree in Renewable Energy
  • CEC Accredited
  • CEC, SEIA, ASES (ANZSES), ISES, EWB, PV Directorate member
  • Involvement in 3 award-winning projects