Solar Market Synopsis: September

100MW registered in August, Top 20 only create 30% of STC market, Teaching dad to surf
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Solar Market Intelligence

Solar Market Synopsis: September

PV Market

  • Last month saw 100MW of PV registered across Australia, a slowdown from the peak of June/July.
  • This means in excess of 540 MW has already been installed in 2012.
  • Analysis of Solar Choice pricing information shows that economies of scale are apparent: the gross (pre-STC) $/W of a 1.5kW is 25% higher than the $/W of a 3kW system.

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STC Market

  • STC creation has fallen back to 700k/week, whereas STC trading continues to grow in volume
  • STC creation is finally lower than demand (purchases) for newly created STCs.
  • Small STC creators are representing a growing portion of the market. Those outside the top 20 creators now account for almost 70% of creation
  • The weekly and monthly STC creation tally are displayed on our website – check in regularly.

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Solar Hot Spots

  • The ABS 2011 Census data is being analysed to reveal newly emerging demographics favourable to solar uptake.
  • The data reveals that nationally 1 in 10 occupied dwellings now has a PV system. However, 16.7% of solar-suitable dwellings (owner occupied detached/semi-detached) now have PV.
  • Penetration is highest in SA (28% of suitable dwellings), compared to 11% in Victoria.

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SunWiz Activities

In the last month, SunWiz has:

  • Rallied the troops to make a submission against the Queensland Competition Authorities preference for gross metering in their issues paper.
  • Put through its final paces a cloud-based version of PVsell, and delivered training to highly-engaged new clients.
  • Presented at East Solar 2012 on Lessons from the Leaders of solar power.
  • Developed a customer-specific commercial PV financial calculator.
  • Assisted the APVA with its RET Review submission.
  • Designed a 1 MW off-grid PV power station which is extensible to 2 MW or 5 MW.
  • Co-authored the Clean Energy Councils Australian solar power report.
  • Successfully arranged for 4x 50kW systems to be connected to the network in three different distribution networks.
  • Taught my father to surf by pushing him onto waves at Byron Bay

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