Solar Market Synopsis: August

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111MW registered in July, System Registration stronger than same time last year, Swimming with humpback whales in Tonga
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Solar Market Intelligence

Solar Market Synopsis: August

PV Market

  • Last month saw 111MW of PV registered across Australia, an almost-equivalent month of registration to June.
  • Lag between installation and registration implies that June’s installation peak was higher than last year’s. 
  • Victoria is running hot; and one-quarter of systems installed in Queensland in June was 5kW.
  • Analysis of Solar Choice pricing information shows that systems can be bought in Melbourne for the same average price as in Brisbane – evidence of strong competition in Victoria.

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STC Market

  • STC creation in the second half of 2012 (H2-2012) is likely to equal H2-2012 STC surrender.
  • Liable Entities are Banks combined current holdings are sufficient to meet Q3 requirements (11.1M STCs).
  • The weekly and monthly STC creation tally are displayed on our website – check in regularly.

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Solar Hot Spots

  • New data was released showing postcode 4670 (Bundaberg) has the most solar capacity in Australia. 
  • However, it was Gladstone that installed most in Q2 – Cumulative installed capacity jumped by 50% in a single quarter when over 2MW in postcode 4870 (even before all systems are registered). 
  • Port Pirie (5540) in SA has one of the most stable installation rates in Australia.

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SunWiz Activities

In the last month, SunWiz has:

  • Launched a cloud-based version of PVsell, with overwhelming popularity and positive feedback (trial it today for nix).
  • Exhibited and Presented at Clean Energy Week/ATRAA. Download my presentation proving PV is variable rather than intermittant.
  • Helped a PV retailer identify their own solar hot spots.
  • Prepared a Commercial PV system proposal for a client, incorporating the latest graphs from PVsell.
  • Visited a company to advise on strategic direction.
  • Assisted the Department of Climate Change in reviewing solar production data.
  • Progressed multiple grid-connection applications for commercial PV systems.
  • Designed a number of commercial PV systems.
  • Gone swimming with Humpback Whales in Tonga

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