Solar Intelligence: Refer and Earn

Recently I was brainstorming ways to combat digital piracy of SunWiz’s market intelligence.

Most of the Digital Rights Management tools would add inconvenience for our subscribers, plus add administration overhead for us, but were still circumventable.

(We’re cool with subscribers offering glimpses of key charts to their suppliers/vendors, but verbatim forwarding of our life’s work shows disrespect for our efforts, value, and industry contribution, and is against our Terms of Service. )

At the same time, referrals are our #1 source of new customers..

And we want our industry data to be accessible – as it helps accelerates the solar industry and therefore combat climate change.

In a moment of wisdom, it dawned upon me: I can make our market data free for everyone (reducing the need for piracy), while making referrals valuable to both referrer and referee.

Refer: Win-Win-Win-Win-Win

Here’s the deal. If you’re named as the referee during the checkout process (see image below) for new subscribers to Insights or MarketView:

  1. We will pay you 25% of the value of the first purchase of that new customer. For an Insights subscriber, that is at least $680 and possibly over $2000. You can use that money for yourself, or donate it to your company social club if you like – you choose, its your money.
  2. We will also extend your company’s subscription by one month
  3. We will also extend the new subscriber’s subscription by one month

That’s a win for you, your company, your colleagues’ company, my company, and for the planet. Win-win-win-win-win

All your colleague needs to do is name you personally and your company.

Who do you know who can benefit from some solar Intelligence?