Solar Hot Spots: Target Solar Suburbs

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SunWiz Hot Spots

How To Capture “Hot” Solar Markets

Selling solar used to be easy. Now it pays to target your sales efforts towards where they’re most likely to succeed. How would you like to easily target advertising dollars towards suburbs and market sectors that spend more of their own money on a PV system?

Intelligent Targeting Means More Sales

Target Regions With Potential

SunWiz’s “Solar Hot Spots” offers a superb way of targeting advertising to areas where sales are more likely.

Discover Commercial Opportunities

SunWiz has identified suburbs and market demographics in which larger systems are being installed, indicating greater uptake of commercial businesses and higher likelihood of commercial sales!

What Does Hot Spots Do For You?

The report and interactive data and map explorer provide insight into 5 quarters worth of installation data in South East Queensland, and 11 months across the entire NSW. So you can even track trends in uptake and consumers buying preferences.

This insightful information can help make your advertising dollar more effective by:

  • Avoiding suburbs already saturated with PV
  • Targeting suburbs with low penetration
  • Identifying suburbs typically installing larger PV systems (as they may be more tolerant of low REC value)
  • Identifying suburbs that have more favourable population demographics for solar sales

This information is presently available for South-East Queensland and for NSW, and contains:

  • A detailed report analysing trends and identifying possible target areas
  • An interactive online map of key information

Information on each suburb’s key characteristics is also available in an interactive dashboard, a static illustration of which is shown at the bottom of this page. It allows you to quickly identify where PV system sizes have been larger (SE QLD only), where demographics are more favourable, where more systems have been installed, and where growth has been strongest.


An essential investment for any solar business

Use SunWiz Hot Spots now to leverage your business strategies with this powerful intelligence.