Sizing up Every Australian Solar Retailer - Here's How

In our recent opinion piece, we discussed The biggest challenging emerging for the Australian solar industry, and what to do about it.

One of the key recommendations was manufacturers should better engage with retailers – both existing customers and new prospects.

We explained Why, we described What, and now we’re going to show HOW.


For many years our clients have

  1. Loved SunWiz’s accurate monthly data on hundreds of leading solar retailers…. and:
  2. Asked whether we could fill in the gaps.


Thousands of solar retailers use STC agents.
Those retailers were hidden
(except those sending STC records to SunWiz).


Now, SunWiz can provide information on >4000 Australian solar retailers, including

  • Volume
  • States + locations they operate in
  • Brands used
  • Reputation
  • Headcount, Key Employees, Installers
  • Public contact details
  • Other key metrics


SunWiz has scoured the web to discover a large amount of information about every known Australian solar retailer. Information such as:

  • Direct metrics that reveal business size
    • STC data (where known)
    • Victorian Solar Homes Program data (where relevant)
  • Indirect metrics related to business size
    • Number of installers along with the business they run/work for
    • Headcount (LinkedIn)
    • Customer Reviews (across multiple review sites)
    • Social Media (across multiple platforms)
    • Web traffic (inferred)

We’ve concluded each indirect metric correlates well with business size, for companies whose volumes are known from direct metrics.

For example, there’s a strong correlation between headcount and how big a business is. It’s not a perfect predictor, as some businesses outsource heavily.
Similarly, larger businesses have more customers and therefore tend to get more reviews. It too doesn’t perfectly predict business size as many businesses don’t actively chase reviews.

However, when you combine those factors with social media activity, web traffic, and other key metrics, you get a reasonable estimate of business size.
Plus, trends in headcount show business expansion.
Trends in other metrics also reveal business growth.

SunWiz has compiled this information on over 4000 Australian solar retailers.
Enabling you to identify who the large, new, and fast-growing retailers are.
(Plus those that are contracting).

Subscribe to the All Retailer Register and be rewarded with thousands of retailers’:

  • Volume
  • States + locations they operate in
  • Reputation
  • Brands used
  • Headcount, Key Employees, Installers
  • Public contact details
  • Other key metrics

Secure your advantage by subscribing now. As we are continually enhancing our product and calibrating our calculation of retailer size, this content is available for an introductory price as of September 2023, accessible by emailing