Revealed: the data that's reshaping the Solar Industry

This webinar was screened live on 17/9/2020. You can access the recording below.

Never before has there been such intense competition in the solar & storage industry.

And (fortunately)… never before has there been such an easily-accessible competitive advantage.

Whether you’re a solar / storage retailer, manufacturer, or wholesaler, we can show you a “trusted because its proven” way of growing your business.

Join SunWiz and its partner EUPD Research for a free online workshop “Revealing the Data that’s reshaping the solar industry”. Hear from market experts Warwick Johnston of SunWiz and Saif Islam of EUPD Research as we share the installer perspective on solar & storage brands and rank the top brands for installer satisfaction.

If you’re a Solar / Storage Wholesaler or Manufacturer:
How’d you like to be shown, in 60 minutes:

  • How to find (and retain) new, high-growth, sizeable customers
  • How to assess the effectiveness of their market strategy
  • How to determine the true strength of your brand
  • What your customers (and prospects) think of you
  • How to deliver what your customers want of you

If you’re a Solar Retailer:
How’d you like to be shown, in 60 minutes:

  • How you can maximise the profit you make from each prospect
  • How concentrating your efforts in your hidden zone of natural advantage can treble your profitability
  • Who are the best wholesalers to buy from, and why
  • What everyone thinks about each equipment brands and what matters most.
We’ll dive deep into how solar industry data is being used by leading companies to accelerate their growth:
  1. How wholesalers and manufacturers find and retain new, high-growth, sizeable customers using a list of the monthly installation volumes of solar retailers
  2. How manufacturers assess the effectiveness of their market strategy by tracking monthly installation volumes by brand, and brand substitution by retailers
  3. How manufacturers determine the true strength of their brand using pricing tables.
  4. How manufacturers and wholesalers increase their customer base by discovering then delivering what their customers value most of all.
  5. How manufacturers and wholesalers grow their sales by calibrating their strategic direction from feedback about their brand/service perception. 
  6. How retailers can maximise the profit they make from each lead, by adjusting how they price their systems to meet the payback that customers want most – as revealed from hidden trends in successful customer proposals.
  7. How retailers treble their profitability by targeting the best performing postcodes using the best-performing products sold by the best-performing salespeople – as uncovered by expert data analysis.
Even if you’re already making use of SunWiz services, we’ll show you how to maximise the competitive advantage your information can provide.  

Each attendee will be provided a table of the top 50 solar retailers, the latest system pricing table, plus a copy of the presentation and recording of the webinar.  

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