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Using interactive online software, explore the inner depths of LGC creation and trading. Identify liable entities’ current and future positions by knowing current holdings and future creation by power stations they own or trade with.


Trading History For Any Trader

You can interactively select and view the trading history of any trader on the LGC market.

Creation History For Any Creator

You can interactively select and view the creation history of any creator on the LGC market.

Holdings Against Next Years Surrender

Find out how much each liable entity is holding compared to the surrender volume that will be required.

Interactive Fuel Source Creation

You can interactively view fuel source creation by individual power stations.

Annual Power Station Performance

Discover the annual performance of individual power stations (explorer).

Interactive Historical Traders

Interactively view historical and last 24 months creation by creator – showing breakdown by power stations owned.


Standard RETelligence

  1. Interactive: Overall Trading Volume (separated by Internal and External trades)
  2. Interactive Dashboard: Purchasing volumes by top Buyers (excluding trading partners)
  3. Interactive Dashboard: Purchasing volumes by top Sellers (excluding trading partners)
  4. Interactive: Holdings by Status
  5. Surrender Table: LGCs pending surrender by entity by fuel source
  6. Ownership Table: Current Ownership by Status
  7. Creator Table: Creation by Creator by Quarter
  8. Fuel Source Tables: Generation Year by Fuel Source & Creation Year by Fuel Source
  9. Top 100 Table: Creators by Fuel Source by Creation Year
  10. Details Tables: Creation by Creator by Fuel Source by Power Plant Code by Registration Year & Generation Year
  11. Untraded Table: Creators Current Holdings of Untraded RECs

Premium RETelligence

  1. Everything in ‘standard’ RETelligence
  2. Interactive Dashboard: For any Creator: creation history, current holdings, sales volumes & partners
  3. Interactive Dashboard: For any Buyer: purchase history, sales history, trading partners
  4. Interactive Dashboard: Creation Trends by Fuel Source and Power Station
  5. Interactive Dashboard (2x): Fuel Source Creation Trends by year and Quarter
  6. Interactive Dashboard: Creation by Power Station Owner
  7. Interactive Dashboard: Creation by Power Station Owner (including via demonstrable Purchase Agreement)



All pricing above is excluding GST. Minimum 12 month subscription required. RETelligence is based upon REC Registry information.


Note that contents may evolve over time. RETelligence will add many tens of thousands of dollars in value to any smart LGC market trader business. Make a smart investment towards your success and subscribe now. Get a 25% discount when you also subscribe to ClearView. Or CONTACT US for further information