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How SunWiz helps PV Retailers & Installers

If you’re a Retailer or Installer of Solar Equipment in Australian PV Industry, then SunWiz can help you to:

  • Sell more PV, more profitably
  • Track your market share, and how your competitors are doing. Make sure you’re not inadvertently falling behind, or missing the emerging trend. Don’t believe the rumours, get the facts
  • Protect yourself from angry customers, by accurately evaluating their export, payback, and ROI
  • Improving your marketing effectiveness and accuracy

Here’s how SunWiz can help you:

  1. PVsell: creates a compelling sales pitch for commercial PV that quickly and accurately calculates the ROI on an investment in solar. It incorporates many load profiles from real companies and households, which allows you to quickly size your system to get a low-risk high-return for your client. Used by hundreds of installers, retailers and even some of the biggest PV companies in Australia.
  2. ProfitVoltaics: The commercial PV sector is growing rapidly and you need to get on board. Leverage SunWiz’s exclusive analysis and wisdom to revolutionise the profits you cna make from Commercial PV. 
  3. SolarROI: for PV retailers who want an expertly-prepared solar ROI calculation performed for you client (and who don’t have time to learn how to drive PVsell) – let SunWiz help you sell (and look twice as professional as your competitors).
  4. Insights: helps PV retailers track and outwit their competition, and ensure they don’t fall behind. Our monthly flagship intelligence product removes the ‘fog of war’ from the PV industry, and includes essential system pricing information.
  5. Solar Hot Spots: for retailers who want to make cost-effective investments in marketing, target your marketing to the best locations with Solar Hot Spots. Our bi-monthly/quarterly service reveals which areas are growing fastest, where most volume is going in, and highlights some great commercial PV locations. We identify the best and give you access to a interactive tool that lets you delve deeper. We can also tailor the tool to identify your Hot Spots and trends in your regional market share.

Also worth considering for PV Retailers

  1. ClearView: Though designed for STC traders, many large PV retailers access our ClearView service, which provides unparalleled vision into the STC market that helps you manage your STC risk. A major discount is available for small STC creators.
  2. Forecast: Our forecast is used by major PV companies for planning investments and resource allocations for the years ahead. Learn which markets to tackle so that you are in the right place at the right time.

Here are some of the solar retailers and installers which SunWiz helps:

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Springers solar
Beacon solar
Toowoomba Solar Centre
Bradford solar
Country solar
Energy matters
Infigen Energy
Mark group
Todae Solar
Infinite energy
Metro Solar