RESINC Solar is a Best Rated Retailer for 2024

SunWiz researched the reviews of every Australian solar company, because we discovered consumers may be misled by overlooking the context of solar installer reviews. 
Our research revealed 50% of solar businesses have a 5-star Google review rating. 
“50% of solar businesses have a 5-star Google review rating”
That makes it impossible to sort the good from the great. Looking for a great solar company shouldn’t be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Even more concerning, and potentially resulting in customers making poor choices was this finding: 4.2 star google review rating puts you in the bottom 17% of all installers.
“A 4.2-star google reviews rating may be decent for a restaurant, but it’s it makes you one of the worst solar companies in Australia”
That’s why SunWiz created the Best Rated Solar Retailer awards: to help customers make good decisions by identifying the best of the best. 
  • We compile information from more than three commonly used review sites, and eliminate bias by only including retailers with strong results across multiple platforms, which we then perform a weighted average upon. 
  • We exclude retailers with less than 100 reviews, to help customers truly identify the most popular companies.
  • We observe that it’s extraordinarily difficult to maintain a perfect 5-star rating as you get bigger. So we only include retailers with >100 reviews and >4.8 star rating. That puts these businesses in the top 100  best-rated solar businesses in the country. 

Being recognized as one of the top-rated solar retailers by customers is a significant accomplishment that showcases the retailer’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service and quality products. Achieving high ratings from customers is no easy feat, as it requires consistent dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Customers are likely to rate a solar retailer highly if they have received reliable and efficient service, timely installation, and a competitive pricing structure.

After thorough analysis of the solar ratings left by customers, SunWiz has found the following to be true:

  • RESINC Solar is the Number 1 Company for an MOST POPULAR rating.
  • RESINC Solar is the Number 1 Company for an ALL STAR rating.

What sets RESINC Solar apart?

RESINC Solar is not your typical solar company; they are a Social Enterprise. 

What does that mean?

Well… since its establishment in 2016, RESINC has been making a significant positive impact on the community with every installation they undertake. Unlike other solar companies driven solely by profit, RESINC has made a conscious decision to allocate a substantial portion of their revenues towards socially beneficial projects.

RESINC supports various admirable initiatives, including sponsoring 18 Surf Clubs and donating over half a million dollars’ worth of solar installations to these clubs. Additionally, they contribute to the restoration of eyesight for individuals in Indonesia, among other noble causes.

Choosing RESINC for your home solar needs goes beyond just feeling good about your decision. They prioritize their customers, treating them like family. With active remote monitoring, they ensure that your system performs optimally. They provide comprehensive top-to-bottom warranties for their installations and stand by their work with unwavering performance guarantees. With their extensive experience and longevity in the industry, RESINC Solar is a trusted and enduring presence.

The founder of RESINC Solar is a highly acclaimed entrepreneur, having received multiple awards for his accomplishments in the Australian renewable energy markets over the past two decades. The management team also brings a wealth of experience with decades of combined expertise in the solar industry.

With RESINC, your solar savings & peace of mind are guaranteed.