Residential Solar Revenue Calculation

Large solar power systems benefit your RESIDENTIAL customers and your business

SunWiz offers evidence that larger solar power systems have quicker payback.

Whether you’re selling into a net or gross Feed-in Tariff situation, SunWiz’s independent expert endorsement of your generation, revenue and payback calculation can be valuable for your business.



SunWiz can endorse your sales message, encourage customers to buy larger systems and energy efficiency products. SunWiz does this because its in the best interests of everybody involved.

A 1.5kW system may only export 10% of its power generation, and take 15 years to pay back. Large systems export far more power and have superior long-term financial outcome when power price rises and economies of scale are taken into account.

Services start at $50 for ACT and NSW installations, and $75 for the states with net Feed-in Tariffs. Customised services are also available for residential and commercial installations.

Export Power Increases with System SizeSimple Payback vs export FiT