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SunWiz is pleased to announce a new Top Solar Retailer Award category: the Local Solar Hero.

SunWiz Local Solar Hero Awards

The Local Solar Hero awards reward solar retailers for their efforts, even if they’re not atop the national or state league table. The awards recognise the retailers that have installed the most capacity in each of 88 regions spanning Australia’s population centres. 

Award-Winning Outcomes

You may be eligible for one or more Local Solar Hero awards. Award winners can benefit from considerable marketing and sales advantages, including trophy, certificate, badge, award ceremony photos & videos, endorsement videos, and more.


  1. Eligibility: Fill in the form below, then send SunWiz a report showing the size, date, and postcode of each of your installations in 2023, and demonstrate how the report was generated. The report can originate from an STC agent, CRM, accounting software, or solar proposal software.
    • Formbay clients can participate without sending SunWiz a Formbay report. Simply fill in this form and Formbay will include your data in its verification step (see below). None of your data will be sent to SunWiz (this will be ranking verification only).
  2. AssessmentAssist SunWiz in assessing your claim’s authenticity, whether by confirmation from your STC agent, accountant, or by producing the report while screensharing with SunWiz.
    • Formbay clients simply need to fill in this form. Formbay will advise SunWiz of your position in each region in the Verification step. 
  3. Compilation: SunWiz will compile all the submitted and assessed claims for verification.
  4. Verification: To ensure this isn’t just a “best of those who participated” award, SunWiz will verify the status of each local solar hero in conjunction with SPV verification service provider Formbay. SunWiz will send Formbay de-identified claimed kW in each region, which Formbay will compare to SPV records that cover more than two-thirds of installations. Note Formbay is prohibited from sharing retailer identity with SunWiz. SunWiz will also evaluate share-of-locality using Clean Energy Regulator postcode data to ensure sufficient coverage.
  5. AwardsSunWiz will notify Local Solar Heroes of their award eligibility and invite award winners to the Awards Ceremony held at the Smart Energy Conference. 

To Participate

You will only be eligible if you send verifiable information to SunWiz. To get started, fill in the form below. 

If you use Formbay for STCs

If you’re a Formbay STC client, fill in the form below. Make sure you fill in the same trading name you use in Formbay.

Formbay will incorporate your data into the verification, and advise SunWiz of your standing.

Do NOT request data from Formbay. 

If you don't use Formbay for STCs

If you’re not a Formbay STC client, fill in the form below. You’ll need to provide demonstration of your claims using a report that  originates from an STC agent, CRM, accounting software, or solar proposal software. You’ll also need to assist SunWiz to verify the accuracy of the report.

What Award Winners Receive

The Local Solar Hero Award Localities

Where will you plant your flag?

NTNorthern Territory – Outback
NSWSydney – City and Inner South
NSWSydney – Eastern Suburbs
NSWSydney – Inner West
NSWSydney – Inner South West
NSWSydney – Sutherland
NSWSydney – North Sydney and Hornsby
NSWSydney – Northern Beaches
NSWSydney – Ryde
NSWSydney – Parramatta
NSWSydney – Blacktown
NSWSydney – Baulkham Hills and Hawkesbury
NSWSydney – Outer West and Blue Mountains
NSWSydney – South West
NSWSydney – Outer South West
NSWCentral Coast
NSWNewcastle and Lake Macquarie
NSWHunter Valley exc Newcastle
NSWMid North Coast
NSWNew England and North West
NSWFar West and Orana
NSWDarling Downs – Maranoa
NSWCoffs Harbour – Grafton
NSWRichmond – Tweed
NSWSouthern Highlands and Shoalhaven
NSWCapital Region
NSWOther Territories
NSWCentral West
ACTAustralian Capital Territory
VICLatrobe – Gippsland
VICNorth West
VICMelbourne – Inner
VICMelbourne – West
VICMelbourne – North West
VICMelbourne – North East
VICMelbourne – Inner East
VICMelbourne – Outer East
VICMelbourne – Inner South
VICMelbourne – South East
VICMornington Peninsula
VICWarrnambool and South West
VICSouth Australia – South East
QLDBrisbane Inner City
QLDBrisbane – North
QLDMoreton Bay – South
QLDMoreton Bay – North
QLDBrisbane – East
QLDBrisbane – West
QLDBrisbane – South
QLDLogan – Beaudesert
QLDWide Bay
QLDQueensland – Outback
QLDGold Coast
QLDSunshine Coast
SAAdelaide – Central and Hills
SAAdelaide – West
SAAdelaide – South
SAAdelaide – North
SABarossa – Yorke – Mid North
SASouth Australia – Outback
WAPerth – Inner
WAPerth – North West
WAWestern Australia – Wheat Belt
WAPerth – North East
WAPerth – South East
WAPerth – South West
WAWestern Australia – Outback
TASSouth East
TASWest and North West
TASLaunceston and North East