Reckon you're a Top 10 Solar Company? Here's what truly it takes to rank

What a year we’ve all just had. I’m sure you’ve installed more solar capacity in 2019 that you imagined was possible just three years ago. 

Which took an incredible amount of effort. And you should be applauded for your labours! And quite possibly rewarded. For you’ve helped countless people save money, helped reduce carbon emissions, and also helped feed your family (I hope).

Wouldn’t it be great if your reward was a bonanza year in 2020?!! 

A 2020 where you get a huge number of sales, and massive profit!

A 2020 where you leverage all your success, to scale to the next level!?

When selling to the masses, what that cuts through most is credibility. Legitimacy builds trust, which opens wallets. That’s why there’s so many companies claiming to be #1 at something. 

For example, “SunWiz is the #1 solar company in Australia”… when it comes to being shamelessly self-promoting at trade shows (witness loud 3-piece suit and dog on stage). It’s a ‘signature’ that helps us stand out from the crowd (which incidentally is what we help our clients with).

But the public is aware of all the B.S. claims of “Australia’s leading solar provider”. If you truly want credibility, then you need to demonstrate your claims. Which is where SunWiz can help. 

Since 2009 we’ve been publishing PV retailer leaderboards for our Insights subscribers. Previously this only covered leading companies who self-registered STCs.

Recently, companies that register STCs through an agent have said to me:

“Is there any way my company can be shown in your solar industry leaderboard”?

The answer is YES. 

And below, we’ll show you what it takes to rank, and how you can claim your position.

What it takes to rank in 2019

The table below shows the volumes (kW) of STCs you needed to register in 2019 to claim a spot in the top 10 rankings, for each major category. It also shows the volume registered by the leading company in each category.

 You’ll notice there’s a wide spread between the volume registered by leading company and the 10th-ranked company.

Also, this only considers the Top 10 companies who self-register STCs.

If you installed more volume than the 10th largest company, you should let us know immediately!

Did you sneak into the Top 10?

Did you install enough solar in 2019 to make it into the Top 10 rankings in a category? Congratulations! 

BUT, if you’re using a STC agent then your efforts are going un-noticed! 

Why prove you're a leading solar retailer?

  1. Build Credibility
  2. Demonstrate Your Claims
  3. Establish Trust
  4. Leverage All Your Efforts
  5. Get More Sales
  6. Access Better Pricing from Manufacturers/Wholesalers Trying to Win Your Business
  7. Motivate Your Sales Team
  8.  Earn Respect from your Peers
  9. Bragging Rights
  10. Instant Legitimacy with a SunWiz Top Retailer badge

How to prove your a leading solar retailer

If you register STCs through an agent, then you simply need to send me ( an email from your STC agent containing a list of your STC accreditation codes (PVDxxxxx) for the past 12 months. 

To be included in the 2019 Year in Review, best you do that before 17th January 2020!

Want to know where you sit?

SunWiz offers a Benchmark service that reveals where you sit in each market segment, whether you’re falling behind or outstripping the market, plus the marketing claims you can legitimately make.

Not in the volume game?

Hey, I know that volume doesn’t necessarily mean success. It doesn’t mean profit. It doesn’t mean quality. It doesn’t mean five-star customer satisfaction.

But do all of those right and your volume will certainly grow.

Let us know if you’d like help taking the areas your business already stands out, and leveraging them for greater success.