Reaching commercial prospects first

This is the fifth article in our Commercial Solar Success series.

There is tough competition in the solar industry. And unfortunately, many solar businesses are selling on price alone which ends up driving down the value of solar, reducing prospects’ price expectations and damaging the entire industry. This is of course why reaching your prospects first is so valuable. Not only will they assess your offer on its merits rather than how your price compares to another company, but because you found them first, they will feel an obligation to consider your proposal above all others from the get go.


Prospects who own commercial premises

If you have already got a “golden” list of commercial solar prospects (from SunWiz’s ProfitVoltaics suite of services) then you can add to it further by discovering all the businesses within your service region who own the commercial premises. How many times have you approached businesses for solar only to find out “I’m leasing” and hit a dead-end? This is one of the most frustrating things, but with a little bit of intelligence, you never have to encounter that problem again.

Prospects who are ideal for solar and will save bucket-loads

Again, adding to your “golden” list of commercial prospects is a must wherever possible. We’ve already:

  • Narrowed down the business types which are buying solar in your area
  • Narrowed down the areas within your service region which are “hot” for solar
  • Found additional prospects who own and occupy their commercial premises

So what’s next?

solar business decisions

You can also identify premises who are not likely to be renters and premises which have recently been purchased. By adding these to your targeting sights, you’re getting more potential commercial customers in the mix. Recent buyers are particularly likely to have an interest in solar since they will be setting things up. SunWiz’s ProfitVoltaics services help you to refine a highly targeted list of commercial prospects using the above tactics and more.

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