PVsell - Multiplier Move-On

Show your customers a much bigger ROI under a 2x multiplier, with PVsell’s new ‘multiplier move-on’ feature

Getting a move on gets you a far bigger return

Get a ‘move on’ to get a bigger ROI!
PVsell helps you convince your customer to act

Close Sales Fast
with PVsell’s “Multiplier Move-on”

Though you may not like working over Christmas, for PV companies this is the last opportunity to make use of a surge in sales interest. The more sales you close now, the longer you’ll be able to survive the inevitable quiet period that will follow.
The good news is that PVsell can help you close sales under the 2x solar multipier AND help you sell in a post-incentive world by proving the financial returns to your customer.

Multiplier Move-on: Selling under a 2x multiplier

This new PVsell feature compares the financial outcome if the customer secures a 2x multiplier, versus what they’ll get if they delay action. As shown in the screenshot below, this can mean up to 2years longer payback for a small system, and much lower return on investment. Such information can easily convert a lead into an immediate sale – and it takes less than 2 minutes to enter the information PVsell needs to perform this analysis (and all of its other functionality shown below). 

PVup-sell: Sizing and selling in a post-incentive world

This new PVsell feature helps your customer choose the PV system size that best meets their needs – both for residential and commercial customers. For the selected systems it calculates the key financial variables, allowing you to choose the best tradeoff between bill reduction and payback/return. For example, a 1.5kW system may have the best ROI, it may not reduce the customers bill enough; but the payback on a 5kW system may be too long for the customer’s hurdle rate. In this case, PVsell shows that a 3kW system has acceptable payback, pleasing IRR, and results in smaller bills. PVsell thus also helps you avoid reputational damage from disappointed customers, by ensuring you can deliver what you promise.

PVsell helps you make a truly compelling PV Sales Pitch

Your Ultimate Solar Sales Tool – Commercial & Residential 

Other Features

Used by over 300 Australian solar businesses (increasing daily), SunWiz’s PVsell has been shown to dramatically increase sales, particuarly with discerning clients. 
How? PVsell convincingly communicates in the language commercial clients understand: financial outcome. It graphically displays results that are compelling and believeable, helping your financial outcome

We’re proud to announce that PVsell is now in the cloud. This makes PVsell in-field accessible to iPads and mobile devices, helping you close sales in the field. 
The best part is that from $450/year, it can pay for itself in a single sale.

Here’s some of its features:

  • Calculations: Export, Payback, ROI, LCOE, NPV, IRR.
  • Load Profiles: Residential, Configurable, Uploadable
  • Tariffs: Default FiTs, Flat Rate, TOU, Demand Charges, Escalation
  • PV Performace: Degradation, Adjustable for installation conditions
  • Financials: Tax, Depreciation, Lease Periods
  • RECs: Automatic STC & LGC calculation, correct GST accounting.

Learn more about PVsell at www.pvsell.com.au
A glimpse of the PVsell dashboard:

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