PVsell Employee Needed!

SunWiz, developer of PVsell, is seeking a self-starting employee with a diverse skill set.

About PVsell

PVsell is a cloud-based software tool used by hundreds of Australian solar retailers to calculate the Return on Investment for a PV system, in order to secure a sale. PVsell was launched three years ago. Since September 2014, SunWiz has been redeveloping PVsell to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, and increased the amount of help resources, so that we may scale internationally.


Our staffing needs

Currently SunWiz is looking to employ someone to support us to dramatically grow PVsell’s userbase, revenue and profitability within Australia and to take PVsell overseas. This person will need to have a wide skill set, be an enthusiastic self-starter.

The successful employee will undertake the following activities:

  • Respond to support tickets
  • Provide phone support for existing clients
  • Update the help manual and videos as PVsell evolves and as FAQ are encountered
  • Deliver training over the phone/screenshare, and in person
  • Investigate bugs reported by users, and communicate them to developers in a way that enables the developers to identify and replicate the problem
  • Send out regular mailouts/Facebook/twitter updates on topics of interest – sales techniques, technical topics such as sizing, east-west arrays, etc.

As the employee gains experience, there may be opportunity to expand into sales, marketing, and software project management roles.

Key Selection Criteria

Applicants should demonstrate how they meet the following key selection criteria:

  • A self-starter, able to work unsupervised and self-directed
  • An educational background in science/engineering
  • Outstanding oral and written communication
  • Excellence in operation of computers and software
  • Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent customer service, ability to provide technical support of a complex product to people with wide-ranging familiarity with software and computers
  • An understanding of solar energy production and financial calculations.

Ideally: experience in software development or in supporting software products, and familiarity with the solar energy industry


North-eastern suburbs of Melbourne

To apply, email resume to warwick@sunwiz.com.au, with cover letter that provides examples of how the selection criteria are met.