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Free PVsell Training at All Energy 2012
PVsell accounts for so many complex financial factors
Make a compelling PV sales pitch with PVsell software from SunWiz

All Energy 2012: PVsell Demonstration & Training

Next week at All Energy, SunWiz will be providing free training  on how to use PVsell to make a compelling commercial PV sales pitches. We’ll be in the Global Zone area at the rear left corner of the main exhibition hall (not the conference area). The demonstration/training runs from 12pm (sharp) until 1pm on Wednesday 10 October, and costs nothing to attend.

Numbers are limited so please let me know ahead of time if you intend on attending. Attendees that subsequently puchase PVsell will receive a sizable discount. Learn more about PVsell below.
Global Events Zone

Date: Wednesday 10 October
Time: 12:00-1:00 pm
Where: Global Zone Associated Events, (Rear Left of Main Exhibition Hall)

Cost to Attend: $0 (yes, free to attend)

“Closing commercial PV sales just got easier,” says Warwick Johnston, managing director of SunWiz. “No longer do you require a degree in economics to convince your customers that PV makes financial sense.” After three years of use by over one hundred solar businesses, SunWiz has brought its PVsell software online, in the process simplifying its operation and adding plenty of features. “The Australian PV industry has thus-far struggled to convert the massive potential for commercial PV systems, but PVsell helps unlock that opportunity,” claims the Warwick, who has won awards for industry leadership and best commercial PV system design.

In this interactive workshop, Warwick will demonstrate how to size the most profitable system for a commercial customer by deconstructing a sample electricity bill and creating a load profile. Attendees can work along on their iPad or laptop as PVsell is applied to calculate the payback, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return for this sample customer, all summarised in a convincing graphical printout. Attendees will have the opportunities to seek advice on how to best sell commercial solar, ask questions about commonly encountered commercial situations, and . The session will conclude with a discussion of the non-financial aspects required to close more commercial PV sales.
Discounts on PVsell will be offered to attendees. Feel free to bring your iPad or laptop. For more information, visit www.pvsell.com.auFree to attend, limited seating available

PVsell helps you make a truly compelling PV Sales Pitch 

Your Ultimate Solar Sales Tool – Commercial & Residential 

  • Sell More Solar
  • Win Commercial Jobs
  • Close sales in the Field
  • Believable & Convincing

Used by over 100 Australian solar businesses, SunWiz’s PVsell has been shown to dramatically increase sales, particuarly with discerning clients. 
How? PVsell convincingly communicates in the language commercial clients understand: financial outcome. It graphically displays results that are compelling and believeable, helping yourfinancial outcome

We’re proud to announce that PVsell is now in the cloud. This makes PVsell in-field accessible to iPads and mobile devices, helping you close sales in the field. 
The best part is that from $450/year, it can pay for itself in a single sale.

Here’s some of its features:

  • Calculations: Export, Payback, ROI, LCOE, NPV, IRR.
  • Load Profiles: Residential, Configurable, Uploadable
  • Tariffs: Default FiTs, Flat Rate, TOU, Demand Charges, Escalation
  • PV Performace: Degradation, Adjustable for installation conditions
  • Financials: Tax, Depreciation, Lease Periods
  • RECs: Automatic STC & LGC calculation, correct GST accounting.

Learn more about PVsell at www.pvsell.com.au
A glimpse of the PVsell dashboard:

Click here for more information: www.PVsell.com.au

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