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Fully Customisable Proposal Editor for OpenSolar

Tired of losing quotes to your competitor? 
Want your proposal to stand out from the crowd?

PVprosell is a custom proposal editor addon for OpenSolar, it allows you to create compelling proposals that will help you win more jobs. You have the freedom to fully customize your proposal by applying your company’s branding and styling. Create multiple templates which can be tailored to your target audience for commercial or residential solar sales. 

The editor is packed with rich features such as customizable charts, pre-configured templates, responsive elements and much more. It’s easy to use and will give you the professional edge over your competitors. 

A Tailored Proposal can help increase your conversion rates!

With the right proposal template you can set yourself apart from your competition, convert more effectively and increase customer satisfaction with your services.

Tailored propsal templates can help you sell more effectively by

    • Share the most important financials based on customer demographic
    • Display your personal brand with testimonials, reviews and what sets you apart
    • Effectively communicate implications on customer savings and environmental impact
    • Visually represent your primary and alternate solutions
    • Educate your customer on how to make the right decision with their home solar

PVprosell is a fully customisable proposal editor, that works seamlessly with the MyEnergy section of OpenSolar.

Discover How You Can Use Your Proposal to Convert More Effectively from Solar Sales Guru Dean Mannix!

PVprosell Comes With Two Custom templates!

Awesome Proposal Template

Custom Template for Commercial Projects

Irresistible Proposal Template

Custom Template for Residential Projects

Made in collaboration with solar sales guru Dean Mannix!

PVprosell allows you to create and customise as many templates as you like.
Proposals made on PVprosell can be downloaded as a PDF file or directly viewed in the MyEnergy section of OpenSolar.





Available to you are a vast amount of charts which you can customize to reflect your company branding or to refresh the charts to make them stand out more within your proposal.

The charts show various financial benefits for the life of the system based on your project results. These provide a visual aid for your customer to see the benefits of your pitch.

The Awesome Proposal Template has been created by learning from the best in the solar business with a high conversion rate for commercial projects.

The Irresistible Proposal Template is curated in close conjunction with solar sales coach Dean Mannix, adapting elements focusing on good customer practices and giving a spotlight to your brand.

Simply update the template to your hearts content and start focusing on pushing your sales!

Responsive elements allow you to setup your proposal and dynamically populate based on your projects values, thereby mitigating the scope for error in your proposals. 

We also have a system option comparison table which lists and compares the systems you are proposing and a quotation table which includes all incentives and required content based on the chosen system option and payment option.


Upload your HD drone imagery of site installations that you have completed or stock photography to add that missing touch to your proposal. 

You can also upload PDF files which are ideal for data sheets or marketing material of the major components you are offering your customers. You may also embed videos into your OpenSolar proposal.

Once uploaded we use compression algorithms to keep file sizes low making them small enough to easily be sent via email. 


The only limit is your imagination, design as many proposal templates as you would like, to focus on the residential market or commercial. You can even create specific templates for various payment methods or system options you want to offer your customers.

Or create a limited offer proposal to entice your customers and increase your conversion rate!

Your proposals can be shared as a PDF, or be viewed within the MyEnergy section of OpenSolar!



Saving you hours of manual work, we have hundreds of placeholder/mergecode values which get replaced with the calculated value based on your project inputs.

Create cashflow tables, quote pages, major component summaries and much more. Gone are the days of using a word template you need to manually edit for each prospect, with our placeholder values you simply set and forget. 


You can now book a call with SunWiz to find out which product is right with you! Click below to book a call with an expert and find out what we can offer to boost your Solar Business!


Our Awesome proposal template is the result of many years experience in creating countless proposals for the Residential & Commercial solar space by the industry leaders from Sunwiz. Our highly experienced team of solar experts with proficient web development skills ensure you’ll get the best possible proposal for you and your business. Our focus: Appearance, Branding, Accuracy of content, Easy to understand and High conversion rates.

1. Develop your own proposal yourself using our awesome proposal template as a starting point or create your own proposal from scratch “$0 Once Off”
2. Create your own Proposal using our editor, get our experienced team to review the proposal you’ve created & suggest improvements which you perform yourself “$500 Once off” 
3. Create your own Proposal using our editor, get our experienced team to review the proposal you’ve created, we suggest & fine tune to ensure perfect appearance. “from $1500  – additional costs may apply Once Off” 
4. Outsource the proposal creation to us – we’ll tailor the proposal to your needs and work with you together to achieve the best possible outcome “Residential proposal from $3000 Once Off” *Additional costs apply for more than 4 pages
5. Outsource the proposal creation to us – we’ll tailor the proposal to your needs and work with you together to achieve the best possible outcome   “Commercial proposal from $4500 Once Off” *Additional costs apply for more than 8 pages
*All prices shown are GST exclusive

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