PV Insider - Free Market Intel from SunWiz

10 years publishing solar energy data has taught me something:

It’s the best-informed companies that thrive and prosper

And because to address climate change, all solar businesses need to move faster, I reckon the entire industry needs a boost. So

  • To help accelerate the solar industry
  • To help solar businesses make a decent return on their efforts
  • To help spread the good news
  • (and to help demonstrate great reasons to subscribe)

I’ve decided to make SunWiz data FREE.

SunWiz’s PV Insider is a free report that contains:

  1. The monthly capacity of PV systems installed nationally and by state, for the recent 12 months
  2. The average system size of STC system installed nationally and by state, for the recent 12 months
  3. The annual tally of STC and LGC systems for each year back to 2008, by size range
  4. The volume registered by each of the top 20 companies nationally and in each state over the recent 3 months. Note the top 20 are not identified, for that you’ll need a paid Insights subscription
  5. The average system pricing for a range of panel brands
  6. The Solar Farms that have become operational this year

How can you get it?

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