PV Battery Market Opportunities

The PV storage market is an emerging sector that holds great promise. 

What you get:

– A report on market uptake of solar battery systems

– Discover where opportunities for battery-focused strategies lie

– Discover what a “fair” battery deal is from consumer pespectives

– Find out how to hit the ground running and lead the PV battery sector with synthisised solar PV analytics

– Manage your campaign timing to match consumer sentiment and discover lucrative cross-selling opportunities (FiTs, inverter upgrade timing, panel check & clean)


– Learn how quantitatively “worth-it” the battery market is to your business

– Target areas where consumers are ready to either upgrade to batteries or buy a new battery PV system

– Match your PV battery offer to what consumers are ready to pay for

– Discover more powerful niche markets through combining PV data

– Get more sales and higher profit on them by combining your offers