ProfitVoltaics - Putting the Profit back into PV

Revealing: ProfitVoltaics – Putting the Profit Back into PV

Over the past three years, dozens of solar installers have approached SunWiz for advice in helping their commercial division turn a profit. As explained in our recent series of articles: “Why you absolutely must tackle the commercial market…” the residential PV sector is contracting, and the commercial PV sector is expanding at significant rate. But commercial sales require a more sophisticated toolbox, outstanding operational efficiency, and highly professional service. After performing months of research into what makes the difference between an aspirational commercial PV company and a successful one, SunWiz has create a suite of tailored services that will help solar companies take advantage of the growing commercial PV opportunity in a highly-profitable way.

ProfitVoltaics by SunWiz will transform your commercial PV profitability. Here’s how:

  1. Your commercial marketing activities are targeted to the best places using our advanced industry intelligence
  2. Your sales are concentrated activities on “hot” businesses
  3. New customers cost-effectively find you, attracted by your ROI offer
  4. By reaching customers first, armed with outstanding material that educates and converts, you can adjust system pricing to deliver the ROI your customer needs
  5. You obliterate all competition and thus get high profit margins 


Here’s how we help you with the entire profit-maximising sales process: Acquiring your targets, reaching the customer first, panning for gold, and eliminating the competition



Pick-n-mix: We recognise that every client has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. That’s why you can pick-and-mix the components of ProfitVoltaics that best help you leverage your strengths, and transform your weaknesses. 

Acquire your targets

We hone in on the best business types that suit your solar business. This report gives you the hard facts on which industries are getting solar. This can reveal a gold-mine opportunity to unleash your marketing on the right industries. It doesn’t end there – we also create a perfect match for you by identifying business categories which are naturally suited to your network. For example, if you or your staff are members of an association who’s industry is booming all around Australia.

  1. We identify your “Natural Network” where you can make the easiest money
  2. We identify the best regions to target for commercial sales
  3. We identify the best businesses types for you to target
  4. We give you contact details for best businesses to approach in your Hot Spots
  5. We identify for YOU the best places for commercial & residential PV in YOUR service area

Reach the Customers First

Reaching customers first means that you have first mover advantage – you get to set the tone of their first solar experience. This means they naturally trust you over that of your competition, and will be consider any competitor’s quote to involve heightened risk. The key to this strategy is reaching the customers first.

  1. We give you a list of owner-occupiers contact details in your hot spots (where data available)
  2. We give you a list of recently purchased properties in your hot spots (where data available)
  3. We show you how to quickly and directly reach the decision maker at each target business
  4. We show you how to easily access customers that are sitting just beyond reach
  5. We teach you how to quickly and directly reach the decision maker at the key businesses that will unlock further business in your target sectors

Pan For Gold (Selected Clients Only)

Having reached out to potential clients, the key step is to filter out the ones not worth spending time on, so that you can concentrate on those that are most likely to buy. Our strategy and tools will see you converting the sales that count and culling the time-wasting tyre kickers. This strategy will be provided to selected clients only.

  1. We show you winning webpage enhancements to give you zero cost filtration
  2. We give you a webform that entices customers to volunteer valuable information
  3. We reveal how to automatically filter out tyre-kickers freeing you up to concentrate on high-profit customers
  4. We teach you how to effortlessly educate your customers, and we propel your sales material towards industry best practice.

Eliminate The Competition (Selected Clients Only)

Having invested in strategically acquiring customer interest, the ever-important final step is to convert like a professional. SunWiz gives you resources that help you stand far above the competition.

  1. We help you kill the competition using SunWiz’s reputation as a Trusted Solar Advisor 
  2. The compelling unconscious motivator: we provide you with super solar social evidence for your Hot Spots & Best Business Contacts
  3. We show you how to charge more and still make the sale, massively improving your margin


When you combine all of these together, you get:

The Super Profit Formula


And of course there’s a bundled offer that includes heaps of bonus material.