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Putting Profit Back Into Commercial PV

ProfitVoltaics by SunWiz will transform your commercial PV profitability. Here’s how…

High-Profit Pipeline

Target the best locations, find business types which are buying solar and get your high-profit hitlist of prospective commercial solar customers. Also, find out how to sneak past the gate-keeper and reach the decision maker.

Commercial Marketing Strategy

Enhance your reach and implement digital marketing campaigns to get hold of commercial customers with ease. We help you to make the most of your potential in the commercial sector with this highly valuable strategic approach.

Commercial Marketing Content

Market like a genius to the commercial sector and use the winning strategies that the top players use. Improve your sales potential drastically and use our custom-prepared “super social evidence” as a compelling, independent sales tool.

Digital Automation

Get your commercial business up to scratch using the most advanced digital marketing automation around. We give you these priceless tools to optimise your commercial sales processes and give you our “killer contact details” of prospects in your region!

Advanced Marketing Suite

Expand your commercial customer base rapidly using our advanced solar marketing suite. This includes SEO, Social Media Marketing, sales materials, email campaigns and even management of your online advertising such as Google Adwords.


  • Your commercial marketing activities are targeted to the best places using our advanced industry intelligence
  • Your sales are concentrated activities on “hot” businesses
  • New customers cost-effectively find you, attracted by your ROI offer
  • By reaching customers first, armed with outstanding material that educates and converts, you can adjust system pricing to deliver the ROI your customer needs
  • You obliterate all competition and thus get high profit margins 


Advanced Solar Marketing ($POA)

SunWiz can provide expert assistance with implementing any of the following advanced solar marketing strategies:

  1. SEO Services – Enhance your online efforts, drive more customers and get more exposure. We do everything ranging from keyword research, content optimisation, content creation, link building and a range of technical improvements which enhance your SEO.
  2. Social Media – Take advantage of the enormous potential that exists on social media today. We can create, enhance and optimise your social media presence.
  3. Production of marketing materials – We can create professional marketing materials that get results. We match your brand and business to suit your message.
  4. Production of email campaigns – Email marketing campaigns are among the most powerful forms of marketing available. We can manage production and design of your email marketing efforts to give you better results.
  5. Online Advertising – SunWiz can set up, monitor, and manage your Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter advertising so you can fill that sales funnel with targeted prospects.

The Commercial Solar Market is expanding…

Do you want to be prepared with a killer strategic approach? SunWiz can assist you so that you can…

  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your business when it comes to commercial solar sales
  • Get a huge amount of knowledge and commercial wisdom accrued from years of solar consulting
  • Develop a plan of attack for implementation of your profit-driven commercial sales strategy

commercial solar installer

This is your chance to…

  • Learn the key commercial solar marketing strategy improvements worth thousands of dollars to your business!
  • Discover which areas you will need to focus on in order to successfully reach your goals in the commercial market
  • Get answers to questions you may have on the commercial market
  • Walk away with a strategic approach on how to capture more profit-driven commercial sale
  • Spend up to 2 hours with Australia’s leading solar consultant, Warwick Johnston

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As a special offer, right now with your consultation order we are offering this extremely valuable report “How To Improve Your Commercial Solar Sales” written by one of Australia’s most successful salesmen, Patrick Green.

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Our ProfitVoltaics package delivers commercial solar customers to add to your portfolio.

  • Expand your commercial solar portfolio
  • Target businesses that are the most likely to buy from YOU
  • Get customers who are advised by trusted solar experts that your business is a great choice
  • Obliterate the competition and increase your profit margin
  • Focus your efforts on the important things that you’re best at

We have spent countless hours scouring our vast knowledge-base and developing this highly targeted solution for you. Our brand as Australia’s top solar consultancy sits behind your company and helps you convert more sales in commercial solar.

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